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Eryngium photo

Eryngium also identified as sea holly flowers, available at «Astra Fund Holland BV» a Dutch company engaged in the wholesale of plants. It has above 230 different types to its name and belongs to Apiaceae family. This plant is native to Mediterranean and the Europe. These plants usually grow at anyplace and are 18 to 36 inches tall. “Eryngium” Buy Wholesale grows pastel purple blossoms and both have purple or green leaves. Its silvery-blue or green stems provide style to blue or green cones fenced by pointed silver, green, violet, or blue leaves. The bloom time for this plant is from summer through fall. Sea holly plants can tolerate winds, droughts, muddy soil and salt sprays also. These plants are a gift to planters, who want to save their back or front garden looking good throughout the unwelcoming month of December. This plant also needs plentiful daylight which is necessary while growing them. This plant is comparatively care-free when established. This plant was used for medical and cookery purposes in past. This plant is also useful as an herb in many South Asian and Latin American recipes and some of its kinds have remedial qualities. It’s a great plant for hard conditions and perfect for appealing butterflies.