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Aster photo

Your garden colors are begin to fade in the fall and you are not ready make your garden a full plain green landscape then the best choice is to plant an Aster! These are the plants great for late summer and fall bloom. New England Aster (Aster novae-angliae) is the most famous variety of this plant. It has length is about 1 ½ inch blossoms fruitfully from August to October.

Asters look alike as daisy plants with the sparkling - molded heads. The need of bringing brightness to the garden can be fulfilled by planting asters in it. When the fall arises all the plants and brightness of the garden fades away so this is the best time to plant asters as you do not want your garden to darkness. “Aster is the name of a flower”, buy wholesale from Holland, the most beautiful flowers you may want to have for your garden. You need “Asters” buy wholesale from the Dutch company «Astra Fund Holland BV» engaged in the wholesale of plants.

The height of the plant is about 8 inches to 8 feet and it depends upon its type. Asters can be found in any garden as the asters can be used as many different styles like in borders, rock gardens or the wildflower gardens. Aster garden also attracts the butterflies!


As all the plants need some care and same goes with aster plants too, they also need some care. If you need to care for aster then you have to some hard work. You have to apply a thin layer of fertilizer every spring, with 2-inch layer of protection (mulch) for retaining the moisture and to control weeds.