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Aglaonema photo

A stylish and attractive plant for households, Aglaonema is a new member to the houseplant world which is mostly found in Philippines and Malaysia. Bright pink and red tones make this plant a favorite choice for the home decoration. It looks amazing on work tables or desks, windows or wherever you wish to keep it. It would always be a point of attraction. A bit slow growing plant but they are dependably pleasing. They come in 21 species out of which silver king, silver queen, malay beauty and emerald bay are the all time favorite.

One of the best things about it is that it can go days without water and is able to survive in poorly lit and less ventilated areas. Although it is advisable to water it daily and keep in well drained soil. The plant shows the best color in medium or indirect indoor lights. Another reason to keep it in your house is that it purifies the air around it.


So get these flowers from Holland and cover your room in beautiful shades of red and pink. Put it in your bedroom and this wont fail to catch your attention. Best place to buy the flower is from Astra Fund Holland BV.