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Bambusa photo

Bambusa plants can be found in the outdoor plant category in the Astra Fund Holland BV catalogue. You can also find fresh cut flowers as well as indoor potted plants. The Babusa plants are actually bamboo plants that grow in a number of ways depending on the type of species it belongs to. Astra Fund Holland BV carries the Ventricosa plant, which features a full showing of branches with delicate fronds making it a dense but delicate looking tree. The Vulgaris are one of the more popular types of Bambusa plants and some even grow out from a thick yellow stem.


If your interests are geared towards these tropical plants and you are ready to buy wholesale Bambusa plants you can find the two listed above in the catalogue on the company website. Astra Fund Holland BV has brought a wide variety of fresh cut flowers wholesale from Holland as well as potted plants and outdoor items. You will find only high quality products from this company as they shop for their inventory all over the world – from South America to the Netherlands to local growers. You can visit the company’s website and easily peruse their catalogue to find exactly what you want.