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Impatiens photo

Impatiens is a genus of approximately 1,000 species of plants, a member of the milkweed family and extensively distributed throughout the tropics and the Northern Hemisphere. They are mainly climbing, sometimes succulent or shrubby, evergreen plants. Impatiens flowers are bright and beautiful annuals that can brighten any shady and dark part of your yard. It’s also sometimes called “Busy Lizzie” and its name derives from a Latin word that illustrates how its seeds shoot from its pods when ripe. Its other names include jewelweed, snapweed, touch-me-not and patience.

This is a great annual that makes a great summer bedding plant or houseplant. They start blooming from 3 months, showing colors from pure white to bold orange and deep burgundies to soft pink. Continuous blooming and easy care make Impatiens ideal for pots, containers, and hanging baskets both outdoors and indoors. Impatiens love moisture and shade. They're lovely in the garden, with an abundance of dazzling colors.


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