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Wholesale tulip Wholesale tulip

Wholesale tulip

You can purchase wholesale Dutch tulips with our company on the best pricing terms with a guarantee of quality.

Astra Fund Holland BV is the leader on the international flower market.

International company «Astra Fund Holland BV» is an indisputable leader on the Russian market in the field of wholesale supplies of cut and potted flowers, as well as seedlings from Holland.

For over 20 years, our company has been specialising in supplying different types of flowers to the Former Soviet Republics and Europe. One of the most important aspects of our work is the wholesale of tulips for the Russian market. We offer wholesale tulips from the most famous Dutch auctions on best pricing terms with a warranty of quality.


Moreover, we have access to large private retailers and owners of plantations, who can offer high-quality wholesale lots of tulips at prices, which are substantially lower than market prices. Experts of our company possess an enormous experience of organising wholesale purchasing and selecting the best suppliers through competition. Furthermore, our company pays close attention to the field of logistics and product packaging. We cooperate with the world’s leading shippers, which gives us the opportunity to organise wholesale shipment of any volume of flowers and deliver the flowers to the customer at the earliest date. A distinctive advantage of our company is that we conduct “free cooling” of flowers and understand the standards of packaging of different types and sub-types of tulips.

Our flowers always arrive fresh to any place in the world, regardless of the specifications and duration of shipment. We are working for our reputation so that our reputation would later work for us. Throughout our 20 years of being on the market we were able to occupy leading positions because of our personalised approach to the needs of our customers and fulfilling all of the contract obligations.

Types of tulip shipment

Cut tulip (cutting)
Cut tulip (cutting)

Our company offers cut tulips supplies of all colours and types. All cut plants are shipped in a specialised packaging during transportation to maintain their pristine appearance and freshness. Tulips are always transported in water but shipment of plants can be made by any means of transport.

Seedlings (sprigs) of tulips
Seedlings (sprigs) of tulips

Our experts can organise shipment of seedlings for future implantation. All seedlings are transported in isolated packaging, which maintains stable temperature characteristics and degree of moisture in the sprigs.

Potted tulips
Potted tulips

Among the methods of shipment described above we offer wholesale potted tulips shipment. Potted tulips are transported in specialised wagons. In some cases, we tighten the packaging for shipment of large lots of flowers. Special package-tightening technology allows us to increase transportation volumes without reducing the quality and safety of shipment.

Catalogue of tulips Holland


Columbus belongs to the group of early double-flowered tulips. This flower is famous for its unusual colouring and intense blooming. The tulip has a relatively small ball-shaped bud with double-flowered flowers, which reach 10 centimetres in diameter. The bud has big purple-red petals with delicate creamy-white rims. The stem of this sort is classical for the whole family of tulips and is quite tall, a mature tulip may reach 40 centimetres in height. You can purchase Dutch TU DU COLUMBUS tulip wholesale on best pricing conditions from our supplier Astra Fund Holland BV.

This type of tulip belongs to double-flowered late tulips. This flower is famous for its unusual colouring and delicate petals of a lavender colouring. The bud of the tulip reaches 8 centimetres in diameter and 10-12 centimetres in height. The stem of the plant is quite fleshy and firm and its length varies from 35 to 50 centimetres. The leaves on the stem are elongated, smooth and are of a rich green tone. You can order Dutch TU DU DOUBLE PRICE tulip wholesale in any volume from our specialised company «Astra Fund Holland BV».

This flower belongs to a group of double-flowered late tulips. The bud of this plant is rather big with bright-red petals, the open bud may reach 10 centimetres in diameter. The buds may have multiple petals and visually look very much like classic peonies. Therefore, this type has an unofficial name of “peony-like tulip”. The height of the stem reaches 40-45 centimetres. You can order Dutch TU DU RED PRINCESS tulip wholesale from our company.

Tulips of this type belong to the group of Darwin hybrids. The buds of the flower are quite large in diameter and are of fire-red colouring with a touch of purple. The bud of an average flower reaches 10-12 centimetres. The stem of the plant is thick and tall, it is around 60-70 centimetres high. A distinctive feature of this type is its delicate and persistent fragrance. You can buy Dutch TU EN AD REM tulip wholesale at accessible market price from the largest supplier — Astra Fund Holland BV

This tulip belongs to the class of Triumph. This type is famous for its elongated goblet-shaped bud and delicate creamy petals. The height of the bud reaches 7 centimetres and its diameter – 5 centimetres. The height of this fragile graceful stem varies from 40 to 60 centimetres. This tulip’s blooming period is late April and early May. You can order Dutch TU EN ANTARCTICA tulip wholesale from a reliable supplier Astra Fund Holland BV, who has been supplying cut flowers for the market of Former Soviet Republics for over 20 years.

Denmark tulip belongs to one of the most wide-spread classes of tulip Triumph. The height of the flower reaches 40-60 centimetres, with high-quality cultivation there can be examples of 70 centimetres in height. The bud of the flower is a bright-red goblet-shaped inflorescence with yellow stripes on the rims of the petals. The height of the bud reaches 7 centimetres and its width is around 5 centimetres. One of the interesting features of this tulip and all of the tulips of Triumph class is that its flowers never fully open. You can order Dutch TU EN DENMARK tulips wholesale from the best flower auctions through our company managers.

Dynasty tulip also belongs to the popular class of Triumph tulips. The inflorescence of the flower is made of a small bud, which is 6 centimetres wide and up to 8 centimetres high. The bud is bright pink with white hem on the rim of the petals. The stem with the bud reaches 50 centimetres in height on average. The blooming period falls on the begging of May. You can order Dutch TU EN DYNASTY tulips wholesale with a warranty of quality and timely delivery from our specialised company, Astra.

The tulip Purple prince also belongs to early-blooming class of Triumph tulips. The height of the stem is average and may reach up to 50 centimetres. The bud of the flower is goblet-shaped and elongated, of a subtle pink tone. The width of closed bud is 4-5 centimetres and its height may reach 8 centimetres. This type is in High in demandin the field of floristics. You can buy Dutch TU EN PURPLE PRINCE tulip wholesale from the reliable flower supplier Astra Fund Holland BV.

This type of tulip has elongated goblet-shaped inflorescence, this type is very popular in cutting because of the durability of the bud and a long lifespan in cutting. The height of the flower varies from 60 to 70 centimetres, the size of the flower is around 8-11 centimetres. The bud is of an intensely yellow or citrine colour. It blooms from late April to the beginning of may. You can receive a lot of wholesale TU EN STRONG GOLD tulips from Holland if you contact our specialised company.

This type of tulip has a very impressive colour scheme of its bud. This intense dark-red puniceous colour is very rare in nature. The bud is thin and elegant and may reach 7 centimetres in height. The height of the plant may reach 50 centimetres. The tulip blooms abundantly but only once. The period of blooming is in autumn. We offer wholesale purchasing of TU EN STRONG LOVE tulips on best pricing conditions directly from famous Dutch auctions.

Rococo tulip belongs to the class of Parrot tulips. It blooms in May, while blooming this tulip opens wonderful buds with wing-shaped petals and red or bright-green base. The height of these buds reaches 8 centimetres and its width may even reach 20 centimetres. The height of the flower with the bud is around 50 centimetres, which is an average characteristic. You can make an offer for Dutch TU PA ROCOCO tulips wholesale in our specialised company.

Super Parrot is one of the brightest and recognisable flowers of the Parrot class. The petals of this tulip are very disheveled and have an impressive texture, which reminds of bird feathering. Green stripes spread across snow-white petals from the heart of the flower. An open bud may reach around 20 centimetres in height, meanwhile the height of the stem rarely exceeds 50 centimetres. The tulip has radical positioning of leaves, which are of intense dark-green tone. You can buy Dutch TU PA SUPER PARROT tulip wholesale on the official website of our company.


Wholesale tulips from Holland – price

The price for wholesale tulips purchasing is not fixed and can depend on a large number of factors. However, our experts are doing their best to maintain the price of tulips from Holland to ensure reasonable prices on the market and make it substantially lower than the price of our competitors. Large volumes of wholesale purchasing, stabilised logistic system and direct access to largest manufacturers allow us to supply flowers with minimum mark-up and guarantee quality of all our products. Among the general aspects which influence the pricing of tulips from Holland, are:


·      Type of tulip;

·      The length of the stem, the size of bud and appearance of a specific lot of flowers;

·      Type of packaging used;

·      Specifications of transportation, type of transport used for shipment and duration of shipment;

·      Crop yield of a particular type of rose at a specific period of time;

·      High in demandand competition at the auction for purchasing a large lot of roses;

·      The distance of the place of unloading from seaports, airports and other transfer centres;

·      Complications with documentation or when crossing the borders;

·      Shipping the flowers to the destination.

Moreover, our company offers special discounts for large wholesale purchasing of Dutch flowers as well as a flexible accumulative discount system for our regular customers. We guarantee the best price on the market and take full responsibility for such statements. Furthermore, the price of Dutch wholesale tulips does not depend on the customer at all and is fixed both for small customers and for large flower retailers.


Why you should buy tulips wholesale from our company

Great reputation Great reputation

We’ve been working for over 20 years to deserve an impeccable reputation on highly competitive flower market. We appreciate our reputation and do our best to deliver quality products at the lowest price and make every client satisfied with our services.

Well-Organised logistics system Well-Organised logistics system

Throughout the years of working in the international market we have developed our own logistics system, which helps us deliver goods to the place of destination most rapidly at the lowest cost and safely, regardless of how far the place of destination is from the place of loading flowers and the complications of custom clearance.

Professional packaging Professional packaging

We are very particular about the packaging of the flowers and have dozens of types of packaging, which were specifically developed and adapted to a certain flower type. Our packaging and maintaining high quality standards allows you to receive fresh and presentable-looking flowers even after a week’s long transportation.


Yuriy Vlasenko
Yuriy Vlasenko

Our wedding agency has been working with «Astra Fund Holland BV» for over 4 years. In wedding organisation we often work within short timeframes and experience a lot of force major circumstances. Lack of musicians, light, some of the dishes, accommodation places – these are classic problems we have to deal with on a regular basis. The only thing we know for sure is that we can always rely upon our flower supplier. “Astra” is the only island of stability we have in our business. We ordered large lots of flowers from Holland over 120 times and we never came across any problems or misunderstanding, failure to deliver on time or bad quality of the flowers. Thank you so much. You are true professionals of your business.

Violetta Malakhova
Violetta Malakhova

It was our first time cooperating with business-centre Astra Fund company and we were very pleased. Needless to say, that we will continue working with them in the future. Within 3 days the company was able to supply us with a large lot of Dutch tulips for decorating a business-centre for a fashion show. The timeframe for the event was broken but the flower supplier didn’t let us down. It’s nice to know that there is a place left for human relationships in business, the company met us halfway by organising an urgent delivery and simplified custom clearance. It needs to be mentioned that another supplier informed us that the delivery would take 7 days, while “Astra” was able to deliver the lot within 3 days.

Arsen Kapin
Arsen Kapin

I’ve been working with this company for slightly over a year. Overall, I’m satisfied with everything. I’m ordering small lots of flowers from Holland for my flower shops. What I find especially nice is that this company ships efficiently even during holiday time and doesn’t drive up the price. My colleagues pay twice the price for their tulips around the 8th of March (International Women’s Day) and I receive my flowers at a stable price. I dump the price during holiday time without losing marginality and slowly squeeze out my competitors from the market thanks to “Astra”.


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