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Betula photo

Betula is the name of a plant you can buy wholesale from the Dutch company Astra Fund Holland BV» engaged in the wholesale of plants. Betula also called Birch tree, around 40 types of fleeting patterned and wooden trees and flowering shrubs form of the family Betulaceae. This can be found in cold areas of Northern Hemisphere. This plant has plane, sticky, varicolored or silver bark (outer tissues of the woody tree), recognizable from flat holes/openings commonly in thin sheets. This tree has pointy leaves that have rough borders. Leaves are settled consecutively on the branches. The leaves are in bright green color that turns yellow in autumn. River birch, gray birch, paper birch, white birch, and yellow birch are the top recognized; white birch can also be called silver birch in England typically. Red-brown birch wood is mostly used for making furniture, flooring, pulp, plywood, interior finishing, cabinetry, and in vehicle parts. However, thin and waterproof bark provides tiles and shoes for North Americans people. Oil and beer can also be extracted from the juice of birch trees. Woodsmen depend on the facility of creamy and paper birch bark to burn even when it is moist. This tree types require wet, sandy, and mud like soil; which is actually disseminated by planting or attaching. Many decorative types of Betula Buy Wholesale are produced because of color of leaf, its shape, or growing pattern.