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Wholesale alstroemeria Wholesale alstroemeria

Wholesale alstroemeria

You can purchase wholesale Dutch alstroemerias with our company on the best pricing terms with a guarantee of quality.

Astra Fund Holland BV is a number one international supplier of flowers from Holland.

With over twenty years of in-depth industry knowledge and experience, Astra Fund Holland BV is today recognised a pioneering wholesale supplier of potted and cut flowers, as well as seedlings from Holland. Our experience and expertise lays in the wholesale supply of the highly sought after variety of alstroemeria, all of which are grown in Holland. We are able to organise the wholesale supply of all varieties of alstroemeria to any country in the world and at reasonable prices.

Moreover, we provide a warranty for all types of flowers and take full legal responsibility for the condition of the flowers at all stages of transportation.

Our company partners with only the best flower auctions and has direct access to private flower plantations.


Furthermore, we can provide direct access to bid in auctions for our important clients. With decades of industry experience in the scope of flower wholesale, we have been able to build our own quality assessment system of flowers.

Our company directly cooperates with leading transport companies, which allows for fast and safe shipping of even the largest quantities of flowers to any country. One of the competitive advantages of our company is the packaging of the flowers, which is selected based on the sort of flower and the specifications of transporting.

Flower supplier “Astra” focuses on the quality of the product and constantly  seeks to improve the quality of our customer service. Our company objective is to maintain an excellent report with our clientele to enable you to have access to  Holland’s high-quality alstroemeria at competitive wholesale prices.

Type of wholesale supplies of alstroemeria

Cut alstroemeria (cutting)
Cut alstroemeria (cutting)

We offer around 50 sorts of alstroemeria, from classic pink and white to rare varieties which are grown exclusively on a few Dutch plantations. All cuttings are packed into special packaging which maintains the freshness of flowers despite the time and exterior conditions of transporting.

Seedlings (sprigs) of alstroemeria
Seedlings (sprigs) of alstroemeria

Our catalogues also feature seedlings of alstroemeria, which are ideal for cultivating in climatic conditions of the countries of the Former Soviet Republic. All our seedlings are transported in a protective packaging which maintains the microclimatic criteria and prevents the sprigs from mechanical damages and climatic influence.

Potted alstroemeria
Potted alstroemeria

One of the focus areas of our work is supplying potted plants. Potted alstroemeria is transported in specialised, high-functional wagons. We also offer a package-tightening service, which gives the opportunity to reduce financial expenses during transportation and does not reduce the quality of transportation of the flowers.

Catalogue of Alstroemeria Holland


This flower belongs to the Alstroemeriaceae family of flowering plants. These plants may reach up to 1.2 meters in height and their inflorescence diameter may outgrow up to 20 centimetres. Flowers of this sort of alstroemeria reach up to 4 centimetres in diameter, the height of the flower varies from 4.5 to 5 centimetres. The stem of the plant is quite fleshy, with pointed, elongated dark green leaves. The Alstroemeria flower has a basic pink colour, which in part turns to light pink and even a white tone. To the middle of the flower, the colour fades into a light green base of the inflorescence. You can buy alstroemeria or other flowers wholesale from Holland on our website.

This sort of alstroemeria differs in gentle lilac buds and large inflorescences. The size can be up to 20 centimetres in diameter. The diameter of the flower is quite variable and is generally around 4-5 centimetres and its height can reach up to 4-6 centimetres. The flower has a gentle lilac undertone which fades into a white middle and abundantly decorated with brown dots. This sort of alstroemeria reaches up to 80-100 centimetres in height. You can order alstroemeria ALSTR ARDENNE wholesale from Holland from our company at a reasonable price.

This variant is quite a large plant of the Alstroemeriaceae family and boasts a relatively large inflorescence, with a diameter capable of reaching up to 25 centimetres. The diameter of the flower, as well as its height, may reach up to 6.5 centimetres. The colour of the buds is close to purple, whilst the leaves are an intense, dark green tone. The blossoming period is throughout the whole summer season. We offer you Dutch alstroemeria ALSTR CLEO wholesale from the most prestigious flower auctions.

A multicoloured alstroemeria which is different from the other types due to its unique colour scheme and the vertical brown sprinkles on its subtle petals. The petals themselves are of an intense pink colour, which gradually turns into a yellow tone towards the middle of the flower. The diameter of this sort of flowers is about 6-6.5 centimetres, whilst its height reaches up to 6 centimetres. The diameter of the inflorescence reaches up to 15-20 centimetres and the height of the flower reaches up to 1.2 meters. You can order Dutch ALSTR ESTEE alstroemeria wholesale through our company managers.

Colourful alstroemeria with burgundy petals and uneven white patches closer to the middle of the flower. The inside of the flower petals is decorated with elongated sprinkles of brown. The diameter of the inflorescence is around 15-20 centimetres and the diameter of the bud may reach 5 centimetres. A fleshy stem is covered in plenty of elongated dark green leaves and may reach 1 meter in height. The period of flowering is in the summer. You can order Dutch wholesale alstroemeria from the employees of our specialised company.

A gentle alstroemeria with exquisite white flowers. This plant belongs to one of the largest sorts of alstroemeria and the diameter of its inflorescence reaches up to 20 centimetres and the diameter of the flower may be more than 7 centimetres. Alongside the subtle white bud, its petals also have secondary colours, including green fibres and a yellow base. You can purchase our Dutch wholesale alstroemeria ALSTR FROZEN, as well as many other types and sub-types of flowers, through our website.

A bright white alstroemeria with green fibres. The stem of this type is around 1-1.2 meters and the inflorescence may reach over 20 centimetres in diameter. The flower is around 6-6.5 centimetres in height and diameter. The stem of the plant is quite strong and densely surrounded by elongated dark green leaves. You can purchase Dutch wholesale ALSTR JENNIFER alstroemeria from “Astra”, an international flower supplier.

An unusual alstroemeria of intense burgundy colour which is very popular within the flower market of the states of the Former Soviet Republic. The petals of the plant have fragments of pink and white colours closer to the middle of the bud. The inflorescence is around 15-20 centimetres in diameter. The flower itself is 6-6.5 centimetres in diameter and its height may be over 7 centimetres. You can purchase Dutch wholesale ALSTR NOIZE alstroemeria in our specialised company and order timely delivery to any place in the world.

Panorama belongs to a rare sub-type of alstroemeria. This plant belongs to a hybrid class and is the result of hard-working plant breeders. Amongst the characteristic features of this type, we can highlight its two levels of petals, multiflorous condition and small, dark stripes on the upper part of the petals. The average size of the bud is around 6-7 centimetres. In general, the petals are of pale pink colouring, which smoothly turns into darker colours on the rims of the petals and to the middle of the flower. We suggest you order Dutch wholesale ALSTR PANORAMA alstroemeria to guarantee timely delivery and high-quality products.

Pink and yellow alstroemeria looks the most luxurious when cut and is an important feature of any festivities. An impressive pink bud matches yellow fragments of the flower in the bottom part of the bud and dark stripes. The height of the flower may be up to 1.2 meters, the size of the inflorescence reaches 20 centimetres, whilst a single flower is seldom bigger than 6 centimetres in diameter. Moreover, an important feature of the Primadonna is its exceptional durability. You can order Dutch wholesale ALSTR PRIMADONNA alstroemeria from our website.

Delicate yellow alstroemeria has a distinctively bright, intense colour. Another characteristic of this flower is its small size. The yellow inflorescence is around 15-20 centimetres, the size of the bud is seldom more than 5 centimetres and the height of the flower may be up to 1 meter. What makes this type different from others is its plentiful, pointed, dark green leaves. You can order high-quality Dutch wholesale ALSTR TONATIUH alstroemeria from “Astra” supplier, which has over two decades of experience in the flowers market.

This alstroemeria belongs to an extremely large variety of plants of this type. The shoots of this plant can easily exceed 70 centimetres. This type is distinct in its powerful structure of the stem and luxurious white flowers. The flowers of this type are quite large and may reach 7 centimetres in diameter, the petals have a wavy structure around the rims. It starts blooming in June and may last until November. You can purchase Dutch wholesale ALSTR VIRGINIA alstroemeria at competitive prices in our company.


Wholesale Dutch Alstroemeria – Price

Specialists of our company cooperate exclusively with the most prestigious auctions, which offer reasonable prices for Dutch flowers. Large amounts of wholesale purchasing, long-term cooperation with auctions and our business reputation allow us to buy Alstroemeria wholesale on favourable terms.

It is important to highlight that the price for alstroemeria is not fixed but depends on a large number of factors. Among the most important aspects which influence the pricing in this field are:

·      High in demandand crop yield of a particular type of alstroemeria at a specific period of time;

·      Specifications of the type of flowers

·      Types of transfer of the flowers (cutting, potted flowers or seedlings)

·      Type of transport used for shipment of the flowers and the distance of transportation

·      Type of packaging of the flowers

The urgency of delivery, custom formalities for a specific country and many other aspects may also substantially affect the price of Dutch alstroemeria. Our specialists are willing to offer a free individual calculation of the cost of alstroemeria shipment for every customer.

Why should you purchase wholesale alstroemeria from “Astra Fund Holland BV”?

Reasonable prices Reasonable prices

We offer some of the most competitive prices on the market as well as transparent pricing of all the services we provide. Reasonable price policy and flexible pricing are secured by the high rate of wholesale purchasing at auctions, the customer-oriented approach and streamlined business model of our organisation.

Great business reputation Great business reputation

We have been working in the international market of flowers since the late 90s and possess an excellent professional reputation. We value our position in the market and understand that the quality of our work is in direct correlation with the profitability of our business. Therefore, we are doing our best to make sure that every client of Astra Fund is impressed with our customer service, pricing and the quality of products.

High-quality packaging High-quality packaging

The key disadvantage of many international suppliers is disregarding the quality of the packaging of the flowers. We realise that the quality of packaging and the level of expertise in this field are in direct correlation with the freshness and undamaged condition of flowers upon arrival. Therefore, we have dozens of types of packaging which we have developed ourselves. The packaging is selected based on the sort of the flower, type of shipment and duration of transportation.


Maria Nikitina
Maria Nikitina

I work in event-industry and every other client demands to decorate the location with fresh flowers. I usually work locally because it turns out to be cheaper. However, just a few weeks ago, we had an order to decorate the wedding for 300 people with white alstroemerias. There was an archway planned, as well as vases and small flower arrangements for the tables – in other words, we needed a great deal of flowers. According to our calculations, we needed around 4000 alstroemerias. While looking for a wholesale flower supplier, we found Astra. We were pleasantly surprised by the pricing for Dutch flowers. We took a risk and made an order. In the end, we received our order in time and were thrilled with our purchase! Great fresh alstroemerias at reasonable price. Thank you Astra, from now on we will be ordering flowers only from your company.

Maxim Komarov
Maxim Komarov

As an owner of a flower retail chain, I am constantly searching for reliable wholesale flower suppliers. It’s not that I don’t have them but the competition in this market is enormous, therefore I have to monitor companies with more favourable prices. So, I would consistently switch suppliers once a month. Now I don’t have to do that because it’s been 3 years in a row that I purchase exclusively from Astra. My first order was for red and coral Alstroemerias, I think. Back then I had only two shops. Thanks to Dutch flower supplies, my business literally started to flourish. I was able to double the size of my business. Friendly and reasonable pricing, the flowers are of high quality, my clients are always satisfied with them. I am very happy to be working with you!

Vladimir Klyukin
Vladimir Klyukin

My wife and I have a small restaurant in the city centre. Before the beginning of the summer season, we decided to expand a little bit and switch up the interior design. After renovations were completed, my spouse suggested we have an opening night for our completely renewed restaurant. Without a doubt, the opening had to be pompous. She did all the preparations herself and only asked me to find a good flower supplier. I didn’t look too long and chose the first supplier Google suggested to me (it turned out to be “Astra”). We discussed the details, made an offer and in three days I received the flowers – that’s it. It was that easy, even though the supplier is from Holland. Only later my wife and I discussed how lucky I was to stumble upon such a good supplier, because reliable suppliers are really hard to find. The opening night was a success, all guests were thrilled with the flowers and my spouse was very pleased. Thank you, Astra.


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