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Banksia photo

Banksia is the name of a plant you can buy wholesale from the Dutch company «Astra Fund Holland BV» engaged in the wholesale of plants. It is a plant with 173 species, but only one can be found naturally in Australia. It is named after Sir Joseph Banks, who in 1970’s was the very first European to gather samples of these plants. Banksia classified into woody, evergreen plants varying in nature from shrubs flourishing alongside the ground to trees able to reach 25 meter in height. The leaves of banksia are generally firm and rubbery. It is found in New South Wales, alongside the shore and plains and develop in a range of atmospheres apart from seaside rainforests and the infertile far-off west of the state. In record cases, banksias develop in well-drained parts for example open seaside earths, on sand-mounds or on cliffs. Other banksias found on very waterless soil plains. Banksia blossoms are pretty small. This plant used to store fire because the flaming cones of this plant can be taken to long distances. The flower groups of Banksia sort into cream, brown, orange or yellow in color. Its flower contains one or two seeds. Some of flowers can be found in pink as well. The first individuals to find out and make usage of Banksia plants were the Australian, Banksia Buy Wholesale and extracted the juice from the flowers as a part of Australian individuals’ food.