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Wholesale gerbera Wholesale gerbera

Wholesale gerbera

You can purchase wholesale Dutch gerberas with our company on the best pricing terms with a guarantee of quality.

ASTRA FUND HOLLAND BV is a flower supplier from holland

Our company is the leading international flower supplier from Holland. We have been specialising in wholesale flower supplies from the most prestigious Dutch auctions for over 20 years and have an impeccable professional reputation. We have official headquarters in most Former Soviet Republics, direct contracts with largest international shippers, access to the best flower auctions and private flower plantations, as well as many other competitive advantages.

One of the focus areas of our work is wholesale gerberas supplies from Holland and other popular types of flowers. We offer efficient gerbera shipping to all corners of the world and guarantee a high quality of the product at some of the most accessible market prices.

You can purchase wholesale Dutch gerberas from the best flower auctions at competitive wholesale prices. It needs to be said that the cost of wholesale supplies depends only on the distance of the transportation, type of shipment and type of packaging and does not depend on the volume of the lot. Moreover, for our important clients, we can provide direct access to the systems of auctions, as well as access to the owners of private plantations. We also offer complex logistic, legal and consultation support if you choose to cooperate with auctions.

We value our reputation and do our best to make every customer satisfied with all the aspects of cooperation, from pricing policy and quality of the product to the level of customer service we provide    

Types of gerberas supplies

Cut gerberas (cutting)
Cut gerberas (cutting)

Our catalogues feature all variations and types of cut gerberas. All cutting is delivered in special packaging which maintains temperature requirements and stable moisture level. Our experts choose the type of packaging for cut gerberas based on the specifications of a particular type and duration of shipment.

Seedling (sprigs) of gerberas
Seedling (sprigs) of gerberas

We pay special attention to shipment and packing of cut flowers in order to maintain their initial appearance. Seedlings of gerberas are also shipped in special packaging, which keeps seedlings fresh and allows for seedlings to be planted straight after delivery of the lot to the customer.

Potted gerberas
Potted gerberas

Moreover, we offer wholesale potted flowers supplies. Potted gerberas are delivered in specialised wagons which provide safety of shipment. There is an option of package-tightening for deliveries of large lots of flowers. Our branded technology of packaging-tightening substantially minimises financial expenses on transportation without reducing the quality of shipment.

Catalogue of gerberas Holland


This gerbera belongs to large-flowered plants of the family of Compositae Asteraceae. The bud of the flower is bright red with delicate small petals. Visually this type of gerbera looks like a big chamomile, therefore this flower also has a second name “Transvaal chamomile”. The stem may reach 40-50 centimetres in height. The features of this type are a large rich inflorescence and complete absence of fragrance of the flower. You can buy GE GR BELLEZZA gerberas wholesale from Holland on reasonable pricing terms with our specialised company—Astra Fund Holland BV.

A large-flowered gerbera which belongs to the family of Asteraceae. This type has a shortened leafless stem which can reach 35-40 centimetres in height. This flower is quite big, with a diameter which may reach 10-12 centimetres. The petals of the flower are numerous with rounded ends. The colour of the petals may vary from burgundy to intense bright red. You can order GE GR BLINDDATE gerberas wholesale from Holland from the reliable flower supplier “Astra Fund” with an impeccable market reputation.

The main feature of this type of gerbera is its strong inflorescence and stem, which can reach 45-60 centimetres in height. The stem grows so high due to the quality of cultivation and abundant sunshine. The stem is fleshy and is not leaved, which is typical for most flowers in the Asteraceae family. The flower is quite full and may reach 12 centimetres in diameter. The petals are orange, which sometimes has a slightly brownish tone. “Astra Fun” flower supplier suggest you purchase wholesale GE GR CANDELA gerberas from Holland with a guarantee of quality at most accessible price.

This gerbera is almost a replica of a classical chamomile. The main difference of the flower is that it belongs to the Asteraceae family and has a big stem and a big inflorescence. This type of flower has a leafless, light-green stem which can reach 50 centimetres in height, a full yellow bud, which is of 12 centimetres in diameter with delicate thin petals and a light exquisite fragrance, which is not typical for this type of flower. You can make a great deal by ordering GE GR DON LEO gerberas from trustworthy suppliers. We suggest you purchase gerberas wholesale from Holland with a guarantee of quality at an average market price.

Gerbera of this type reaches 50 centimetres in height and has an impressive flower with soft-creamy petals. The middle of the flower is contrastive black. The diameter of the flower varies from 10 to 14 centimetres. This type is very popular in the field of floristics and is in High in demandbecause it compliments other flowers in flower arrangements. This gerbera is most commonly offered in cutting but you can also order potted gerbera of this type, as well as seedlings of GE GR ICEBERG gerbera wholesale from Holland at our company and enjoy our efficient delivery to all corners of the world.

Large-flowered gerbera Intense belong to the Asteraceae family and has a leafless fleshy stem and a full flower of 10-11 centimetres in diameter. The flower is pale pink, sometimes turning into lilac tones. The height of the flower may reach 40-50 centimetres. The blooming period is quite long and lasts from the beginning of May until the end of September. The reliable flower supplier Astra Fund has been specialising in international flower supplies for over 20 years and suggests you purchase GE GR INTENSE gerberas in cutting from best Dutch auctions on reasonable terms.

An orange gerbera Monarch has a simple chamomile-like shape and a classical size for gerberas. The height of a leafless strong stem, in some cases, may reach 45 centimetres and the diameter of the flower varies between 10 and 12 centimetres. The feature of this flower is its rare colour of ripe orange, which ideally compliments different floral arrangements. In our company you can order wholesale GE GR MONARCH gerbera from Holland at a reasonable market price.

Nuance gerbera is a special kind of flower with a distinctive and relatively rare colour of petals. The centre of the flower is brownish-burgundy and it contrasts with soft-crimson elongated petals which smoothly transition into pale-pink on the rims. This gerbera is a typical size for this type of flower and a tough leafless stem which reaches 50 centimetres in length. You can buy gerbera of this type from the large flower supplier, Astra Fund. Our company offers Dutch GE GR NUANCE gerbera wholesale from the best flower auctions.

One of the most beautiful gerberas which is highly popular in the market of Former Soviet Republics. The flower belongs to tall-growing gerberas. The feature of this type is its attractive appearance, it looks harmonious in a variety of different flower arrangements. Ones of the best gerberas of this type is cultivated on Dutch plantations. You can order Ge Gr Spring Gem gerberas wholesale from Holland in our specialised company—Astra Fund Holland BV.

This type of flowers has typical characteristics of the family of Asteraceae. Amongst such characteristics there are leafless tough stem, an average height up to 45 centimetres, chamomile-liked flower with a diameter of 12 centimetres and petals of an intense fuchsia colour. The middle of the flower is of coal-dark colouring. It is best to order gerbera of this type from trustworthy suppliers of flowers. We offer wholesale GE GR PICOBELLO gerbera from Holland on reasonable pricing conditions with a guarantee of quality

A delicate gerbera with pale-pink petals and a black base. The height of the stem reaches 45 centimetres, the diameter of the flower varies from 9 to 12 centimetres. The stem is leafless and tough. Such a delicate flower looks best in cutting, as well as accompanied by other asteraceae flowers. You can purchase this type of gerbera from the reliable flowers supplier Astra Fund. We offer GE GR PRE-INTENZZ gerberas wholesale from Holland on reasonable pricing conditions and offer access to the best flower auctions for our wholesale customers.

This gerbera belongs to the Asteraceae family and its distinctive features are its purple petals and relatively long, leafless stem. The stem of the plant may reach 45-60 centimetres—if cultivated correctly. This gerbera is double-flowered, with purple petals and a dark centre. You can order GE GR RICH gerbera from us on reasonable conditions. We are a reliable supplier of flowers with a 20-year-experience and guarantee height quality of flowers and timely delivery.


Wholesale gerberas from Holland - price

Our company offers some of the most accessible prices for flowers from Holland and transparent pricing policy, starting from the cost of flowers to the services of packaging, shipment and custom clearance.

Accessible prices for flowered are granted by our direct access to largest flower plantations and Dutch auctions, well-regulated logistic system, employing specialised company lawyers for efficient regulation of custom issues, contracts with leading international shippers and a wide range of other advantages.

It is worth mentioning that the price for gerberas is compiled of multiple different factors.


Amongst the fundamental aspects which may influence the pricing, these can be distinguished:


·      The type of flower

Normally this aspect of pricing stems is not only from the market price of the flower but also from the demand for it and the yield crop of a particular type of gerbera at a given period of time;

·      Type of transport

For instance, shipment of flowers by plane would be substantially more expensive than shipment by sea;

·      Distance of shipment

The longer the distance from the place of shipping to the place of unloading, the higher the price of transporting;

·      Complexity of custom clearance

Because of environmental legislation and custom regulations in some countries, it is required to fill in a lot of documents in order to have gerberas delivered from Holland;

·      Type of packaging

Different type of packaging varies in cost, which influences the overall cost of wholesale flowers.    

Why you should purchase gerberas wholesale at ASTRA FUND HOLLAND BV

Impeccable reputation Impeccable reputation

There is a great variety of companies which offer wholesale supplies of flowers from Holland. However, few of them possess vast experience and a good reputation. We’ve been working in the flower market for over 20 years and have an impeccable reputation, which is granted by high professionalism and a well-regulated business processes.

Compliance with the time requirements of shipment Compliance with the time requirements of shipment

Efficiency and timely delivery of flowers play an important role in the flower business. We have direct contacts with leading international shippers and our own well-developed logistics system, which always complies with the time requirements of shipment, regardless of transportation distance and other specific complications.

Branded packaging Branded packaging

Delivering flowers fresh to any corner of the world is one of the hardest tasks of specialised companies in this field. We have developed our own branded packaging for every type of plant, which allows us to maintain stable microclimatic conditions and keep flowers fresh, regardless of their type and the distance of shipment.


Vladimir Makin
Vladimir Makin

During my time of working in the flower business I had to change flower suppliers 6 times. Late deliveries of flowers, unavailability of all of the items from the catalogue, loss of marketable condition, blocking the goods at customs – it’s not even a full list of all the typical problems with flower suppliers. I’ve been working with “Astra Fund Holland BV” for over 2 years now and I’ve never experienced any kind of such problems. There was only one time when the delivery was held for a day, but there were problems at the border, the system of passport control “fell” and they were trying to “lift it up” for over 6 hours, which created large queues. The company apologised for delayed delivery, even though it wasn’t even their fault and offered me additional discounts. I’m very happy with our cooperation.

Yuriy Nakhimov
Yuriy Nakhimov

I’ve been working with “Astra” for 3 years. The key advantage of this company for me personally is the opportunity to deliver all flowers from the catalogues. I don’t know how they do it but they can always get high-quality seasonal flowers, at any season in any volume. I also like their customer feedback. They always answer questions to the point, they know at which stage of transportation the goods are. There was a time when I had to change to place of destination when the goods were already being delivered, the warehouse was out of town and I didn’t have the address. I was thinking of getting in contact with the truck driver and coordinate him myself. We called the company and they simply asked for the destination coordinates. I just send them a screenshot of the maps on my phone and the driver got to the place of destination without any questions asked. Logistics on point.

Maria Trofimova
Maria Trofimova

I have never left reviews after purchasing from companies, but this time I couldn’t act according to my old habit. This is the story.  My husband has been thinking of opening his own shop of potted plants. When we started looking for a flower supplier, we realised that there is a real problem with suppliers on the market. We’ve looked though countless amount of companies, which work with wholesale purchasing and deliver plants and opted for “Astra”. So, we chose a few types of gerberas and lilies and made an order. We were surprised to get specific time frames for deliveries and the company was able to comply with them. By the way, I want to highlight that the flowers were in perfect condition and at a fixed price. I am very grateful to Astra company, we will order more from you!


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