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Wholesale cymbidium Wholesale cymbidium

Wholesale cymbidium

You can purchase wholesale Dutch cymbidiums with our company on the best pricing terms with a guarantee of quality.

Astra Fund Holland BV is a number one international supplier of flowers from Holland

With over twenty years of in-depth industry knowledge and experience, Astra Fund Holland BV is today recognised a pioneering wholesale supplier of potted and cut flowers, as well as seedlings from Holland. Our experience and expertise lays in the wholesale supply of the highly sought after variety of alstroemeria, all of which are grown in Holland. We are able to organise the wholesale supply of all varieties of alstroemeria to any country in the world and at reasonable prices.

Moreover, we provide a warranty for all types of flowers and take full legal responsibility for the condition of the flowers at all stages of transportation.

Our company partners with only the best flower auctions and has direct access to private flower plantations. One of the highly requested articles from our catalogue is cymbidium – an evergreen epiphytical plant which belongs to the class of Orchidaceous. We offer wholesale purchasing of cymbidium from Holland, as well as other plants of this class on the most favourable pricing terms. We make purchases of cymbidium at the best Dutch auctions and cooperate directly with private flower plantations.

By ordering wholesale flowers from us, you can always be sure that you will receive quality products in time. We work with leading international transportation companies and have our own logistics department which allows us to deliver flowers to any corner of the world efficiently. Moreover, our company pays close attention to product packaging, since we have our own branded system of packaging which allows us to keep flowers fresh and beautiful, even during long transfers.

We’ve been working in the flower market for over 20 years and have an impeccable professional reputation which is proven by the reviews of our happy clients, volumes of sales and multiple contracts with leading flower companies of Former Soviet Republics and European countries.

You can purchase Dutch cymbidium wholesale free of risks for your business – we guarantee quality of our products and timely delivery of flowers as well as being responsible for all the organisational aspects, from logistic questions to the optimisation of custom clearance    

Types of cymbidium supplies

Cut cymbidium (cutting)
Cut cymbidium (cutting)

In our catalogues we have a great variety of cut cymbidium. All cut flowers before shipping are wrapped in special packaging, which helps to maintain stable temperature and moisture level at all stages of transportation. Type of packaging is selected by our experts individually based on the type of the flower and shipment characteristics.

Seedlings (sprigs) of cymbidium
Seedlings (sprigs) of cymbidium

Our company also pays close attention to the quality of the packaging and transportation of cymbidium. All seedlings are also packed into protective packaging, which helps to maintain certain microclimate during transportation and protects seedlings from negative exterior influences of any kind, including mechanical and heat influence.

Potted cymbidium
Potted cymbidium

Shipping of all potted plants is made after flowers are put into specialised wagons, which help to protect flowers during transportation and maintain stable microclimate. Moreover, we offer a service of package tightening, which is reasonable for large lots of goods. A unique system of tightening does not affect the quality or safety of shipment.

Catalogue of cymbidium Holland


This flower belongs to the orchids of the family Cymbidium. Its elevated bulb is egg-shaped. Moreover, the bulb and the stem are densely leaved. The leaves are pale green and pointed. The inflorescence is straight, with a multi-flowered truss. All inflorescence may contain up to 20 small flowers. The height of the lower reaches 60 centimetres. You can purchase CYMB MI GEM cymbidium, as well as other types of this flower in a specialised company «Astra Fund Holland BV».

A large-flowered epiphytical plant of the class of Orchidaceous. This flower also has an elevated egg-shaped bulb. The leaves of the plant are not as plentiful as its sub-types but they are also elongated and pointed and are of a soft green tone. The height of the stem may reach 1 meter. There are branchings with large white inflorescences off the edge of the stem. This type blooms in springs and early summer. We offer Dutch CYMB T DANNY GREEN cymbidium and other cut flowers wholesale to any country of the world.

Large-flowered type of cymbidium, which is famous for its unusual double-coloured flowers and extremely large size. The stem of this plant has an elevated bulb and is of 1-1,2 meters high. Delicate flowers of this plant have pink petal with an accent of purple in the middle. The length of the inflorescence varies from 25 to 30 centimetres. A distinctive feature of this flower is the total absence of fragrance. You can make a great deal by ordering wholesale lots of flowers from trustworthy flower suppliers. We offer wholesale CYMB T DOS PUEBLOS cymbidium from Holland with a warranty of quality.

A classical large-flowered cymbidium with a fleshy stem. The height of the flower may exceed 1 meter. There can be up to 20 large burgundy flowers on a straight inflorescence and the flowers may be more of a lilac colour depending on the period of ripening. The middle of the flowers is of an impressive light colouring. It blooms in late spring. You can make an order for wholesale CYMB T FERR-ARI cymbidium from Holland, as well as other flowers of the Orchidaceous class.

Quite an unusual type of flower, its feature is its large, multicoloured inflorescences with double-flowered tongues, which can be edged with a dark rim and also have a spotty texture. The stem of this type is very fleshy and thick, the stem and the leaves are dark green, can merge into greenish black to the end. The height of the flower varies between 80-110 centimetres. The flowers of this type look very well in large floral arrangements. It blooms in the begging of summer. "Astra Fund" company offers CYMB T GEM cymbidium wholesale from Holland at most accessible market prices.

A bright cymbidium with intense yellow flowers. The height of the plant is 75 centimetres on average, the size of the flower may exceed 6 centimetres. Blooming period of this type of flower last around 3 months and starts in the middle of spring. The leaves of this plant are quite long and think, with an expressive green colouring to them. On the lip of the flower there are bright burgundy and blood-red sprinkles. Under favourable cultivating conditions there can form up to 30 flowers on a shoot. Reliable supplier Astra, with 20 years of work experience, suggests that you make an order for Dutch CYMB T Monica cymbidium wholesale as well as for other flowers of this type.

A pink large flower with big shoots. The diameter of the flower is 5-8 centimetres. There can be up to 30 flowers on one inflorescence. The lip of this type is highly defined, is of a large size, a milky colouring and has distinctive large blood-red sprinkles. It blooms in the middle of spring. Distinctive features of this type are its high durability in cutting, which can reach up to 20 days and has a high tolerance towards cold temperatures. The flower is comfortable when the temperature is 3c degrees. You can purchase Dutch CYMB T Skyscraper cymbidium wholesale from the Astra Fund flower supplier.

A greenish-yellow cymbidium with a sweet fragrance. The length of the inflorescence seldom exceeds 60 centimetres. However, the plant belongs to a group of a tall-growing cymbidium. The flower is quite big and may be 8-9 centimetres in diameter. This type of cymbidium looks very well in formal bouquets and is in High in demandin the field of floristics. You can order Dutch CYMB T Sapphire cymbidium wholesale from our company, as well as supplies of other cut flowers to any country of the world.

Snow-white cymbidium with large inflorescence and tight green stem. There can be up to 25-30 large flowers (with a diameter of 9,5-10 centimetres) on one plant. The white lip of the flower has a burgundy and sometimes even brown hem on the rims with dotty sprinkles of burgundy on the whole surface. The height of the flower is relatively small and varies from 45 to 50 centimetres. “Astra” flower supplier offers wholesale purchasing of CYMB T MAZURKA cymbidium from Holland, as well as other flowers of the Orchidaceous family on reasonable terms.

A pink cymbidium is related to one of the most delicate and romantic bulk flowers. It is mostly popular for creating wedding bouquets. The flower is 6-7 centimetres in diameter and the height of the stem may reach 70 centimetres. The white lip of the flower has a lilac-burgundy hem and dotty burgundy sprinkles. Distinctive features of this type are lack of fragrance and good resilience in cutting. We offer you Dutch CYMB T PINK BRILJANT cymbidium wholesale on best pricing conditions

An incredibly beautiful yellow flower with large inflorescences. The diameter of the flower is quite variable and may be from 7 to 10 centimetres. The height of the flower seldom exceeds 80 centimetres. The stem of the plant is quite tough and is of distinctive intense green colour. The lip of the flower has a bright burgundy hem, which highlights the whole style of the flower and makes it more impressive. We offer you supplies of wholesale CYMB T RIJSENHOUT cymbidium from Holland with a warranty of quality.

A delicate white type of cymbidium has an aesthetic advantage among other types of this class. A tough light-green stem is on average 60 centimetres high. Impressive white flowers can be more than 7 centimetres in diameter. The inside of the flower is of a greenish tone with a lilac hem. This type of cymbidium is very popular in cutting because its delicate white flowers complement any floral arrangement. You can order CYMB T VANITY cymbidium wholesale from Holland from a reliable flower supplier, Astra.


Wholesale cymbidium from Holland - price

Our company has direct access to private flower plantations and to the largest Dutch auctions, which gives us the opportunity to maintain the best prices for wholesale Dutch flowers. Reasonable pricing policy is provided by a well-functioning business processes, our own logistics department and large lots of wholesale purchasing. It is worth mentioning that the price of cymbidium is not fixed and depends on a large variety of different factors. Our experts compile a detailed cost sheet for flower supplies from Holland, where all aspects of price formation are mentioned, including the cost of packaging, cost of shipment, purchasing price of flowers, etc. Our company has transparent price formation and flexible pricing policy and takes into consideration the needs of every client. Among the main factors which influence the price of cymbidium from Holland, are:

·      Type of cymbidium and its market price;

·      Yield crop and demand for a particular type at a specific period of time;

·      Distance of shipment;

·      Type of transport, used for transporting the flowers;

·      Complications of custom clearance;

·      Type and cost of packaging

Why you should buy Dutch cymbidium from us?

Great reputation Great reputation

We have been working in the international flower market for over 20 years and have an impeccable reputation on the market. Our reputation is based on our focus on the client and is proved by reviews of thousands of happy customers, huge volumes of transfers and direct contracts with largest international flower retailers.

Best prices Best prices

One of the key competitive advantages of our company, which makes thousands of customers around the world choose “Astra”, is our transparent pricing policy and the most accessible prices on the market. Reasonable prices for wholesale purchasing are insured by extremely large volumes of purchasing, which allow us buy flowers at price much lower than market price.

High-quality packaging High-quality packaging

We understand that it is essential to maintain the quality of the flowers at all stages of transportation. For this reason, we have developed our branded types of packaging, which fit the needs of a particular plant and help keep the flowers fresh, regardless of the duration of shipment or exterior climatic conditions.


Valery Zabrotsky
Valery Zabrotsky

I am a co-owner of a flower market. We generally specialise in wholesale purchasing of cut flowers. Throughout the last six months a lot of my customers have been asking me whether potted plants would come on sale. Well, my business partner and I decided to expand our specialisation and our range of products. We’ve been working with “Astra” for a long time, that's why we ordered wholesale cymbidium and other plants from them, cymbidium was very popular among our customers, by the way.

In the end, we have a reliable supplier, happy customers and, as a result, high profit. Thank you, I highly recommend!

Ljudmila Pavlovna
Ljudmila Pavlovna

My husband decided to organise a big celebration for my daughter's 30th birthday. We wanted the flowers to be the main decoration, to have a lot of them and all of the same type. But we knew well enough that we won't be able to find this amount of identical flowers in our town.  so I started googling wholesale supplier and came across "Astra", I really liked their description on the website, the reviews. My husband opted for cymbidiums and ordered them, I liked them too, really beautiful delicate flowers. Cymbidiums came really quickly, in perfect condition. Thank you "Astra". Our daughter was pleasantly surprised.

Yuriy Konyukhov
Yuriy Konyukhov

I’ve been working in the flower market for over 5 years, so I know the functioning of this business too well. The main issue for all the owners of such businesses is delays in shipping, low quality of the flowers and complicated pricing. I started my cooperation with “Astra” about 2 years ago and I completely got rid of such problems. Always quality product, timely delivery and adequate prices. At the time of contacting “Astra” I had 4 shops and now I own 12 and a small flower market. I’m thinking of expanding my business and open a few retail outlets in other cities. Without a doubt, I owe a great deal of my success to “Astra”.


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