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Euphorbia photo

Euphorbia is a type of plant which belongs to Euphorbiaceae family. This plant comprises of 2,100 types and from the most varied groups of plants which grow flowers on earth. “Euphorbia” buy wholesale from a Dutch company «Astra Fund Holland BV» that is engaged in the wholesale of plants. Many types of euphorbia are identified as spurges and produce commonly white fluid which they give out while cutting and this juice is often toxic. Mainly euphorbia is best found in Madagascar and eastern and southern Africa but can also be seen in tropical Americas and Asia. Its distinctive flower structure comprises of noticeable leaf bracts of brown, yellow, purple, green, or red, with small flower parts in different colors. Many kinds of this plant are famous for these irregular flowers, in addition to their beautiful leaves and their outstanding form. This plant requires part sunlight and 1 to 3 feet in height. Fall, spring, and summer are the bloom season of this plant. Euphorbia flowers are white in color and also require low maintenance. Euphorbia is the best plant for your borders, containers, and beds. This plant also provides exceptional heat and drought-fighting. Beware of its liquid because it can irritate your skin.n.