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Wholesale lily Wholesale lily

Wholesale lily

You can purchase wholesale Dutch lilies with our company on the best pricing terms with a guarantee of quality.

Astra Fund Holland BV is a wholesale flower supplier from Holland

International company Astra Fund Holland BV is one of the leaders in the market of the Former Soviet Republics in the field of wholesale supplies of Dutch potted and cut flowers, as well as seedlings of all types. We possess an impeccable professional reputation and for over 20 years, we have been supplying dozens of countries around the world with the highest-calibre of Dutch flowers.

One of the most popular types of flowers in our catalogue is a lily of sorts, which is in particular High in demandin the Russian market.

We offer wholesale Dutch lily supplies with a warranty of quality at the most accessible and reasonable price. You can purchase our Dutch wholesale lilies at of most favourable conditions from the best flower auctions in Holland. Moreover, we offer you an official warranty of quality for all our flowers and take full responsibility for the condition of the goods from the moment of purchase to the moment of delivery to the customer. Furthermore, we offer direct access to flower auctions and direct access to the landlords of private flower plantations for retail chain owners and other important clients. Our company has a vast experience of organising flower shipment to all countries of the world. We have our own well-organised logistics system and contracts with the world’s leading shipping carriers. Furthermore, our company pays close attention to the packaging of the flowers and our specialists know every little detail about the packaging process of different types of lilies and possess special equipment which keeps the flowers alive and fresh even after an extensive shipment itinerary. We value our business reputation and strive to satisfy all the needs and desires of our clients whilst maintaining competitive pricing.

Types of lily supplies

Cut lilies (cutting)
Cut lilies (cutting)

You can purchase lilies of all sorts and types from our company on favourable terms. All cuttings are transported in a special protective packaging, which maintains stabilised microclimate during shipment and keeps cut flowers fresh, regardless of the duration of shipment. We can ship cut lilies by any means of transport.

Seedlings (sprigs) of lilies
Seedlings (sprigs) of lilies

Moreover, we offer you wholesale high-quality seedlings of lilies, which are exceptionally resilient and easy to cultivate. All types of lilies are transported in a specialised packaging which maintains moisture conditions and stabilises temperature requirements at all stages of shipment.

Potted lilies
Potted lilies

One of the focus areas of our work is the supplying of potted lilies. Potted lilies are transported in specialised wagons. We also offer a service of package tightening which maintains flowers undamaged and fresh during transportation. Such a solution is perfect for large orders of wholesale potted plants.

Catalogue of lilies Holland

This lily belongs to the hybrid type of the Liliaceae family. The height of an adult lily of this type varies around 80-90 centimetres. The stem of the flower is quite fleshy and strong, abundant with pointed dark-green leaves. The flowers of the plant are quite big – around 10-15 centimetres and have a distinctive intense pink colouring to them. This flower is especially popular in cutting. However, you can purchase Dutch wholesale LI LA BRINDISI Lilies potted or in the form of seedlings from our team.

This lily also belongs to the hybrid type of the Liliaceae family. The plant can reach up to 125 centimetres in height. The flower of this type of lily is also quite big and reaches 17 centimetres in diameter. Normally, there are around 10-20 cubes of flowers on a stem. This flower has a distinctive decorative features, is very resilient and relatively easy to cultivate. You can purchase Dutch wholesale LI LA LITOUWEN lilies from our company at reasonable pricing terms.

Mero Star is an oriental type of lily and its distinctive feature is that it has an exquisite gradient colouring. Its gradient colouring is a smooth transition from intense pink flower in the centre of the bud to bright-white colouring on the rims of the leaves. All petals have impressive crimson dots. The height of the stem varies between 90 and 110 centimetres on average, there can be around 8 to 20 flowers on a stem. A flower is around 15-20 centimetres in diameter. You can order Dutch wholesale LI OR MERO STAR from the reliable flower supplier Astra Fund Holland BV.

The Oriental Moscow Lily has delicate small white buds and a fragile stem. Overall, this lily is one of the most miniature ones of oriental lilies. The height of the stem varies from 80 to 100 centimetres and the size of the bud may be from 10 to 20 centimetres, depending on the cultivation conditions. The bud of this lily is classical cupped, with pointed petals, rounded on the rims. Flower supplier Astra Fund Holland BV offers Dutch wholesale LI OR MOSCOW lilies delivery to any place in the world at accessible price.

This lily belongs to the group of oriental hybrids. Open flowers are quite large, with discreet riffled petals. The floral stem may reach 110 centimetres in height. There are around 5-6 large buds on a stem on average. The most distinctive feature of this type of lilies is its wonderful persistent fragrance. It blooms from the middle of July until the beginning of August. It is best to order Dutch wholesale LI OR PREMIUM BLOND lily from trustworthy and reputable flower suppliers. "Astra Fund" company has been working in the flower market for over 20 years and is offering Dutch wholesale supplies on favourable terms.

Oriental SANTANDER belongs to the class of large lilies. An adult flower is 120 centimetres in height, the diameter of flowers may exceed 25 centimetres. White petals of this lily are quite wide and wavy on the rims. The stems are quite resilient and well-leaved. This lily blooms at the end of July and throughout the whole of August. You can order Dutch wholesale lilies from our company. We possess an impeccable reputation and have been working in the flower market for over 20 years.

Oriental lily Sapporo belongs to the family of hybrid plants. The flowers of this plant are quite large and reach 25 centimetres in diameter. The petals have a distinctive intensely white colouring to them, they are wavy at the rims and turban-shaped. A special feature of this type are big brown stamens in the centre of the inflorescence. The stem is 100 centimetres in height. You can purchase Dutch wholesale LI OR SAPPORO lilies from our specialised company "Astra Fund" on reasonable pricing terms.

Oriental lily of this type has distinctive elongated white buds and wavy petals, which make the flower exquisite and sophisticated. The height of the stem is 90-100 centimetres, the size of the open bud may reach 20 centimetres in diameter. Like many other oriental lilies, it blooms at the end of July through the beginning of August. From flower supplier «Astra Fund Holland BV» you can order wholesale Dutch LI OR SIGNUM lilies in many forms, including cut, seedlings and potted plants.

Universe lily is one of the most unusual from the oriental hybrids. Its distinctive feature is in large flowers, which may exceed 25 centimetres in diameter. The petals of the flower are big and white, with a greenish tone at the base. Moreover, the petals have a highly distinctive lengthwise texture. The height of a mature plant may reach 110 centimetres. Our company offers to organise LI OR UNIVERSE lilies supplies from Holland with a warranty for the undamaged state and freshness of the flowers, regardless of the duration of shipment

Oriental lily Albert has very fragile flowers of delicate-pink tone with a white centre of the bud and wavy petals at the rims. The bud may exceed 25 centimetres in diameter. The stems are of average size. The height of the lily varies from 100 to 120 centimetres. It is essential to highlight the long period of blooming of this flower, which starts in June and ends at the end of August. You can order wholesale Dutch LI OR WILLEKE ALBERT lilies from the reliable experienced flower supplier, Astra Fund Holland BV.

This lily belongs to tall flowers with extremely large purple flowers. The lily of this type may reach 30 meters in diameter. The petals give off a pleasant fragrance and have an unusual wrapped-bottom shape. The height of the plant varies from 30 to 150 centimetres. The blooming period is at the end of July and throughout the whole of August. We offer wholesale Dutch LI OT ROBINA lilies supplies from the best flower auctions at the most favourable prices.

Hybrid Zambesi lily belongs to tall plants, which can reach 120 centimetres in height. Sometimes this lily is called a lilac tree. Its highlighted feature is the growth of the bud, which upon opening, has an uneven, rosy tone, which later, as the flower matures, becomes an intense white colour. The shape of the flower is never uniform, part of the petals can be even and another part can be of whirlwind structure on the rims. The flower may reach 25 centimetres in diameter. You can order wholesale Dutch LI OT ZAMBESI from our company to any place in the world at a reasonable price.


Wholesale Lilies from Holland – Price

Our company strives to maintain the most accessible prices on the market for Dutch flowers.

Specialists of our company cooperate exclusively with the most well-known auctions, which offer reasonable prices for Dutch flowers. Large amounts of wholesale flower purchasing, direct cooperation with leading Dutch auctions and private flower plantations, a stabilised logistic system and contracts with world’s best transporters allow us to offer attractive and transparent pricing policy. It is important to highlight that the price of lilies is not fixed and is in direct correlation with many factors. Among the most important aspects which influence the pricing of Dutch flowers are:

·      Type of lilies

All types of lilies have different prices, which are defined by the popularity of a particular flower, crop yield of the type at a specific season, complexity of cultivation and other characteristics.

·      Type of packaging of the flowers

The price of the packaging, which is needed for the transportation of flowers, affects the price of a wholesale supply lot. Depending on the type of packaging, the price of wholesale lot of flowers may rise or fall.

·      Type of transport

A significant part of the price of Dutch lilies is the cost of shipment. For example, the price of shipment by sea is substantially lower than the price of shipment by air.

·      Distance of shipment

Moreover, the distance from the place of shipping to the destination affects the shipment price significantly.

Our specialists are willing to offer a full calculation of the cost of lilies, as well as a personalised approach to financial options for our customer.

Why you should purchase wholesale lilies from “Astra Fund”

Over 20 years of industry experience Over 20 years of industry experience

We are one of the leading companies in the market of wholesale Dutch flower supplies. Our company has an impeccable professional reputation and thousands of regular customers, both of which we owe to our professionalism, accessible pricing and understanding of the needs of our clients.

Optimised logistics Optimised logistics

Our company has a well-organised logistics system, contracts with the world’s leading shipping carriers and access to any type of transportation. This approach allows us to always meet the deadlines of flower supplies and minimise financial expenses on the transportation of our products.

Modern packaging Modern packaging

Our flowers arrive fresh, regardless of the type or duration of shipment. We have developed dozens of types of packaging which help keep the flowers fresh during transportation and protect them from negative external influences.


Maxim Savchenko
Maxim Savchenko

We’ve been working with “Astra Fund” for over 5 years. We are really satisfied with the quality of their customer service, the product and the pricing policy. We are also really happy with the great variety of flowers. We can always order any seasonal flowers from the catalogue. We have never experienced any problems with our orders, which we used to have when working with other suppliers. We used to work with a different supplier before who could only supply us with tulips on a regular basis. When we would make an order for lilies, gerberas, roses and other flowers, the orders would be postponed or we would get responses like “not available, the flower will be in stock in a month”.  We never came across such inconveniences with “Astra”. I highly recommend this flower supplier to everyone.

Vladislav Kobez
Vladislav Kobez

I have a small company which sells flowers to outlets and local flower businesses. I always order wholesale flower supplies from this company. Always reasonable prices and high-quality products. Recently, I got a discount as a regular wholesale client. Before coming across this company I was thinking about closing my business because it wasn’t profitable. "Astra Fund” completely changed the game for me, it has saved my business from bankruptcy and inspired confidence in me.

Mariana Starovoytova
Mariana Starovoytova

I ordered five thousand lilies from this company for my mother’s birthday. I wanted to make a special birthday for my mum’s anniversary. I was worried that big companies wouldn’t agree to ship such a small lot of flowers, by means of business, and I was also worried about the price of shipment. It turned out that it is a common practice and such small orders are packed alongside with other orders to reduce the cost of transportation. Flowers are really wonderful, they were delivered on time, besides, the price was about 4 or 5 times lower than if I were to order in one of the specialised flower retail chains in our country.  Thank you for the party!


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