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Wholesale rose Wholesale rose

Wholesale rose

You can buy roses at wholesale prices from the Netherlands directly from suppliers bypassing intermediaries

Astra Fund Holland BV is a leading flower supplier from Holland.

Astra Fund Holland BV is one of the leaders in the market of Former Soviet Republics in the field of wholesale supplies of Dutch flowers. For over 20 years, our company has been supplying wholesale roses and other flowers from Holland to the Russian market, as well as other markets of Former Soviet Republics and Europe.

An area of our work, which is in high demand, is the wholesale supply of Dutch roses, including seedlings, potted plants and cut flowers of all types. We work directly with the largest Dutch flower auctions, which allows us to offer the best Dutch flowers at the most accessible market prices. Moreover, we offer direct access to bid at private flower auctions for our important clients, we also provide comprehensive support at all stages of cooperation.

Specialists of our company do a thorough selection of the flowers before acquisition and have a big experience in selection of the best flowers on the market in order to satisfy the needs of any client. We also pay close attention to logistics and organisation of transportation. Our company has direct long-term contracts with largest shippers, which provide safe and timely wholesale Dutch roses supplies to any place in the world.

We also pay a lot of attention to the packaging of the flowers to maintain their undamaged condition and freshness, regardless of the duration of shipment. You can purchase roses wholesale from our company on the best pricing terms with a warranty of high quality and European standard of services.

Types of wholesale roses supplies

Cut rose (cutting)
Cut rose (cutting)

Our company offers wholesale cut rose supplies, including all existing varieties and types of roses. You can order wholesale supplies of indoor, musky, climbing and garden roses at Dutch auctions prices. All types of cuttings are shipped in a specialised packaging. Delivery of roses is made by any means of transport based on customer’s choice.

Rose seedlings (sprigs)
Rose seedlings (sprigs)

You can order rose seedlings, which are suitable for cultivating on the territory of the Former Soviet Republics. When supplying seedlings we pay close attention to the packaging, which allows to maintain seedlings unharmed at the stage of shipment and protect them from negative exterior influence

Potted roses
Potted roses

One of the types of wholesale of roses in our company is potted roses. Potted plants are transported in specialised wagons for commodity and safety of shipment. We also can tighten the packaging to increase profitability of transporting large lots, regardless of the safety characteristics tightening, which maintains flowers undamaged and fresh during transportation.

Catalogue of roses Holland

This type is one of the most popular large-flowered roses. R GR ATHENA rose was developed in Germany but is cultivated mostly in the Netherlands and Australia. The main feature of this rose is its large bright bud with big crystal-white petals, which are slightly rosy on the rims. There are also sub-types with absolutely white buds and creamy variations. This type belongs to tea-hybrid plants and has a stem, which can be from 70 to 125 centimetres, which is a perfect characteristic for cutting. «Astra Fund Holland BV» flower supplier offers to purchase wholesale Dutch GR ATHENA rose on best terms.

This rose belongs to the cutting type of the tea-hybrid category. This rose was artificially developed in the Netherlands and has a distinctive large double-flowered bud with massive white petals. The shape of the bud depends on the stage of blooming and is in constant change. Flowers of classical shape and open cup-like shape are distinguished. This type has a single shoot and a bush-shape of growth and may be up to 90 centimetres in height. The leaves are of matte green tone. An outstanding feature of this type is resistance to low temperatures and illnesses. Our company is the largest wholesale flower supplier in the market of Former Soviet Republics and Europe and offers wholesale purchasing of AVALANCHE+ rose from the best Dutch auctions.

This type of rose has exquisite pink-crimson buds with wavy rims of the petals and a creamy centre. The flower is of average size and consists of 4-8 separate flowers. A bush of such rose is normally of vertical branchy shape with a great amount of glossy greenery. There are around 5-10 flowers on the stem, the size of the flower reaches 6 centimetres and the bush is around 60-80 centimetres in height. A distinctive advantage of this type of rose is its extreme resilience to illnesses. Flower supplier «Astra Fund Holland BV» offers the best prices for Dutch wholesale rose purchasing.

This variety of roses is related to popular flowers of single-headed type, which are exceptionally popular for floral arrangements around the world. An intensely yellow bud of this flower consists of 15-20 elongated riffled petals and harmoniously compliments any contrast compositions. The height of an average-size flower of this type may reach 50-70 centimetres. The “Astra” flower supplier offers high-quality wholesale GR GOOD TIMES rose from Holland at the prices of Dutch auctions.

This type of rose belongs to the group of climbing roses with a strong bush and long branches, which fall as a fountain from the base. The flower of this unique rose is multi-coloured with bright-orange and even coral petals, which forms a delicate yellow inflorescence in the middle of the bud. A large flower may reach 12 centimetres in diameter, its petals roll up into little pipes at the period of blooming and make this rose especially charming. The leaves of the flower are of a dark-green tone and have an eye-catching glossy texture. You can wholesale Dutch MARIE-CLAIRE roses from Astra flower supplier.

This type of rose is famous for its pompous red bud, elongated stem, resistance to transportation conditions and durability in cut form. This rose has a large number of petals as well as a charming fragrance, which is not very common for red roses. The height of this rose may vary from 40 to 90 centimetres. It is essential to highlight that the size of the bud considerably depends on the height of the stem. You can order Dutch RED NAOMI roses wholesale from the ultimate reliable flower supplier, "Astra Fund".

Tacazzi rose is related to Kenyan bushy plants. The buds of this type are of an intense red colouring, which can also be related to a reddish tone. The bush of such rose is related to bushy medium-grown shrubs. The height of the straight stem varies between 30 and 80 centimetres. The leaves of the stem are quite hard of an intense dark-green tone and the stem is covered with sharp thorns. The bud also has a wide variety of sizes from 3,5 to 7,5 centimetres. You can choose the best Dutch Tacazzi roses wholesale from the reliable flower supplier, Astra.

One of the most interesting spray-roses. Its highlight is a bright orange bud and extremely strong dark-green shoots. The bush is quite compact, with a straight shape and is about 60-70 centimetres in height. The buds are collected in bunches of 1-30. The buds are very firm and have a closed inflorescence. The flower is extremely resistant to over hydration and illnesses. You will make the best deal by purchasing Dutch TR BABE rose wholesale from a trustworthy flower supplier "Astra Fund".

Bombastic rose is a bushy variety of roses, it is one of the most delicate and miniature bushy roses. This type of roses has a soft creamy-coloured bud. Similar to its fellow roses, this one has hard green glossy leaves and a thick stem. The height of the bush on average is around 40-60 centimetres. It is essential that you buy Dutch wholesale TR BOMBASTIC rose only from reliable suppliers with impeccable reputation on the market. Astra flower supplier possess a great professional reputation in the world market and offers flowers from Dutch auctions on best conditions.

A bushy variety of roses Fireworks is a universal solution, which has earned large popularity in the field of floristics. These roses look amazing in large bouquets as well as in modest arrangements. A firm stem reaches 50 centimetres in height on average and contains a large number of small cup-shaped buds. “Astra Fund» flower supplier offers wholesale supplies of Dutch TR FIREWORKS rose at adequate market prices as well as efficient supplies of other highest quality flowers.

This type of roses belongs to upright bushy plants, which reach 80 centimetres. A classical bush of this type is well-leaved and has a fluffy shape. The leaves are glossy and are of dark-green tone. The buds of the rose are gathered in large umbrella-shaped inflorescences. Small double-flowered flowers may reach up to 6 centimetres in diameter and consist of 25-40 petals. The colour of the petals changes from intense yellow to faded yellow in different periods of blossoming. You can buy Dutch wholesale TR YELLOW BABE rose from flower supplier “Astra”.

This spray-rose is a classic red rose, which is an ancient symbol of love. Mirabel rose belongs to miniature types of roses. The height of the plant reaches 40-60 centimetres. On average the flower size is around 4-5 centimetres. Moreover, one of the distinctive features of this type is a pleasant fragrance. You can buy Dutch wholesale TR MIRABEL rose from a reliable flower supplier “Astra”, which has earned a great reputation in the world flower market after decades of experience in the industry.


Wholesale rose from Holland price

Our experts purchase roses at the best auctions which allows us to maintain the lowest price for flowers from Holland. Our company buys flowers in largest lots and has long-term contracts with local flower businesses, which guarantees us the lowest price on the market. The price of Dutch roses depends on a large number of factors. Among the most important aspects these are distinguished:

·      Specifications of the type of flowers;

·      Crop yield of a particular type of rose at a specific period of time;

·      High in demandand competition at the auction for purchasing a large lot of roses;

·      The length of the stem and the size of buds;

·      Type of packaging of the flowers and type of transport used for shipment of the flowers to the customer;

·      The distance from the place of shipping the flowers to the destination

These factors are key to the pricing formation for wholesale Dutch roses. It is worth mentioning that our company does not speculate on prices and our main priority is to build trusting and long-lasting relationships with our customers. For this reason, we offer equal pricing policy for flowers for all our clients, regardless of the volume of their purchases.


Why you should buy roses wholesale from Astra Fund

Optimal market price Optimal market price

We have a minimum supply margin, as we are committed to long-term cooperation, large supply volumes and the extension of geographical distribution. The scale of our business and well-established business processes allow us to sell our flowers at prices that are much lower than offered by the competitors.

Impeccable reputation Impeccable reputation

In the current market promises, guarantees and prices are practically don’t play significant role. The only point that cannot be imitated or shown in a favourable light for the client is the reputation of the company. We have been functioning in the market for more than 20 years and all our promises and commercial offers are confirmed by our impeccable reputation.

Rapid supplies Rapid supplies

In the flower business promptness of delivery directly affects the profitability of your business. We have a well-established system of supply chain management, our own logistics department and we have signed contracts directly with the best transport companies – all this allows us provide prompt deliveries anywhere in the world.


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