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Wholesale chrysanthemum Wholesale chrysanthemum

Wholesale chrysanthemum

You can buy chrysanthemums at wholesale prices from the Netherlands directly from suppliers bypassing intermediaries.

Astra Fund Holland BV is a number one international supplier of flowers from Holland.

With over twenty years of in-depth industry knowledge and experience, Astra Fund Holland BV is today recognised a pioneering wholesale supplier of potted and cut flowers, as well as seedlings from Holland. Our experience and expertise lays in the wholesale supply of the highly sought after variety of alstroemeria, all of which are grown in Holland. We are able to organise the wholesale supply of all varieties of alstroemeria to any country in the world and at reasonable prices.

Moreover, we provide a warranty for all types of flowers and take full legal responsibility for the condition of the flowers at all stages of transportation.

Our company partners with only the best flower auctions and has direct access to private flower plantations.

An area of our work which is of particular high demand is the wholesale supply of chrysanthemums. You can purchase wholesale chrysanthemums from the largest Dutch auctions, including Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer, as well as from private plantations.

Our company purchasers look through and filter hundreds of offers to find the best options, which would satisfy the needs of even our most demanding clients. Moreover, during the transportation of our wholesale flowers, we pay close attention to logistics. We have contracts with the largest transport organisations and can promptly find the best shipper for delivering goods to a specific country and fill out all the necessary documentation.

We also thoroughly prepare chrysanthemums before shipping and perform free cooling of the plants and put flowers in specialised packaging, which will maintain their freshness during the transfer and protect them from external influences.

Experts of our company pay close attention to the wishes and demands of our clients. We offer free consultations, select appropriate packaging for the type of transport and even offer direct access to Dutch auctions to important clients by means of the KOA system (remote purchasing) for optimised cooperation.

Our company occupies leading places in the competitive market because of our simple business approach which can be defined as: “Providing the best quality at reasonable prices”.

Types of wholesale chrysanthemums supplies

Chrysanthemum (cutting)
Chrysanthemum (cutting)

We offer cut chrysanthemums of all types, including a variety of large-flowered, small-flowered, single headed and bushy variations. All cuttings are shipped in special boxes, which are put on water. We can ship cut flowers by any means of transport.

Seedlings (sprigs) of chrysanthemums
Seedlings (sprigs) of chrysanthemums

Our company also supplies seedlings of chrysanthemums. Seedlings of all types of chrysanthemums are shipped in specialised packaging, which maintains microclimate and provides sprigs with water for safe transportation.

Potted chrysanthemums
Potted chrysanthemums

You can also order potted chrysanthemums wholesale from our company. Potted plants are packed in specialised wagons. If necessary, we can perform package-tightening without loss of quality and reducing safety of flowers during transportation.

Catalogue of chrysanthemums Holland

Chrysanthemum bush

This chrysanthemum belongs to unique hybrids, which were developed by Dutch plant-breeders. This chrysanthemum belongs to small-flowered plants with a diameter not exceeding 5 centimetres. The flower has a branchy structure and has up to 25 inflorescences on a bush. The inflorescences are of soft-green colour and have an abundance of petals, which are rounded on the sides and sharp on the rims. We are one of the largest Dutch flower suppliers in the market of the Former Soviet Republics and we suggest you order CHR SAN COUNTRY chrysanthemum wholesale from Holland at a reasonable price with a warranty

Artificially developed chrysanthemum Bacardi was first introduced in 2004. This flower belongs to tall-growing bushy plants. The stems of the plant may reach 1,5 meters in height. The bud is made of exquisitely carved white petals with the yellow green in the middle. Daisy-like bud may reach 6,5 centimetres in diameter. The flower is relatively resilient in cutting, about 2-3 weeks. We suggest you purchase Dutch wholesale CHR T BACARDI from the reliable flower supplier Astra Fund Holland BV, which has an impeccable reputation on the market.

This bushy chrysanthemum belongs the group of Indian chrysanthemums. Baltica and is a medium-grown perennial chrysanthemum which can reach 60-85 centimetres in height. The leaves of the flower are ternate and feathery, with ragged texture on the rims and possess an eye-catching intense green tone. The upper part of the leaves is fleecy and the bottom part is soft and glossy. The inflorescences of this flower are ball-shaped and relatively large, their diameter may reach 20 centimetres. A delicate honey fragrance is considered a feature of this inflorescence. You can purchase Dutch CHR T BALTICA chrysanthemum wholesale at our company’s website.

This bushy chrysanthemum of the Indian group belongs to medium-grown perennial plants. The height of the stem varies between 60 and 85 centimetres. The leaves of the chrysanthemum are of a rich bright-green tone and feathery-shaped and have nicks on the sides. The inflorescence of the flower is large and ball-shaped, the petals are of intense yellow colouring. You can buy CHR T BALTICA YELLOW chrysanthemum on the best pricing conditions from the field-specific company Astra Fund Holland BV.

The height of this bushy plant may reach 100 centimetres, its width is 60-70 centimetres. The petals are shiny and glossy and are of rich green colouring. The leaves are often rolled-up. The flower is intensely ruby-red coloured with sprinkles of purple, the flower itself is of campanulate type, the flower is relatively small and can reach 5 centimetres in diameter. The flowers are gathered in inflorescences of 13-17 buds. You can purchase Dutch CHR T ZEMBLA chrysanthemum wholesale from the largest flower supplier, Astra Fund Holland BV.

This type belongs to large-flowered bushy chrysanthemums. The bushes reach 80-100 centimetres in height and have strong, densely leaved stems. The flower is hemispheric and its diameter is variable. With one flower on the stem, its diameter may be up to 20 centimetres, with inflorescence of 3-4 flowers, the diameter won’t exceed 7 centimetres. It is also worth mentioning that this flower has an exquisite tone on its bud, where the border petals are of a delicate white colour scheme and the middle of the flower has a yellowish tone to it. We suggest you purchase Dutch CHR T ZEMBLA CREAM chrysanthemum wholesale from the best flower auctions.

Single headed chrysanthemum

This single headed flower was developed in Europe in the 19th century. Tt has a large white sphere-shaped inflorescence which can reach 15 centimetres in diameter. The centre of the inflorescence is of a greenish-yellow tone. The petals of the inflorescence are of a distinctively delicate structure but are very thick. The bud sits on a strong, fleshy stem, which can reach 90 centimetres in length. Antonov chrysanthemum belongs to perennial plants and perfectly withstands low temperatures and shortage of moisture after cutting, which is a great advantage for transportation. Our company is the largest flower supplier and offers wholesale purchasing of G Antonov chrysanthemum on favourable terms.

This variety of chrysanthemums belongs to the class of single headed large-flowered plants, the stem is fleshy and its length is around 70-90 centimetres in diameter. The bud of this chrysanthemum reaches 7-11 centimetres in diameter and its distinctive feature is beam-like double flowered light-yellow flowers. It starts blooming in September and may last throughout the whole autumn if the temperature outside is high enough. The flower is substantially durable after cutting, it remains alive for around 20 days. You can easily make a great deal by ordering Dutch G'Anastasia chrysanthemums wholesale from Astra Fund Holland BV flower supplier.

Anastasia Sunny chrysanthemum belongs to large-flowered bushy chrysanthemums. The height of the stem varies from 70 to 90. The stem is densely leaved with bright-green leaves. The flower of the plant is large, double-flowered with beam-like light-yellow petals. An average flower varies from 8 to 11 centimetres in diameter. The durability of this bushy chrysanthemum is around 20 days. Our company is a flower supplier with impeccable reputation on the market and a long history. You can order Dutch G Anastasia Sunny chrysanthemum wholesale from us at reasonable prices.

A charming white chrysanthemum CHR G GAGARIN is a recent addition to the flower market. This type was first introduced at an exhibition in 2014, where it gathered a lot of international awards and titles. It was named after a famous astronaut. This plant has an early blooming period. The bud of the chrysanthemum is extremely large and may reach 24 centimetres in diameter, the bud has wavy-structured petals. The flower is incredibly resistant and perfectly withstands transportation after cutting. “Astra” company offers Dutch CHR G GAGARIN chrysanthemum wholesale purchasing on reasonable pricing conditions.

This unique snow-white chrysanthemum was recognised not only by the florists but also by consumers. This flower was developed especially for the method of forcing, therefore this type grows especially fast, it is resilient to transportation and may stay alive in cutting for up to 40 days in a vase. The bud of the flower is ball-shaped and densely double-flowered. The size of the bud may reach 20 centimetres in diameter, the inflorescence is green in the middle. Despite the massive stem and luxurious bud, the bush is related to middle-size plants and looks very good in the flowerbed. You can purchase Dutch CHR G MAGNUM chrysanthemum wholesale from our company.

This plant belongs to the group of single headed large-flowered plants. The chrysanthemum has a large, tough stem which can reach up to 130 centimetres in height. The greenery is dark green and very dense. The inflorescence of a mature flower varies from 14 to 20 centimetres in diameter. The petals in the bud are white or of a lettuce-green tone. It is worth mentioning that the flower is very durable in cutting and may stay for alive up to 20 days. You can order Dutch CHR G ZEMBLA chrysanthemum wholesale from our specialised company, Astra Fund Holland BV.


Wholesale chrysanthemums from Holland -price

Our company does its best to ensure the bulk price of flowers from the Netherlands is one of the most affordable on the market, at the same time we offer high quality product. We buy flowers in huge quantities at the best flower auctions in the Netherlands, we have direct contracts with flower companies and a well-functioning logistics system.

The wholesale price of chrysanthemums depends on many factors, among which are:

Cultivar of the flower

The more common the cultivar, the lower the price of the flower;

The length of the stem and the diameter of the inflorescence

Big chrysanthemums with long stems and a large buds are usually more expensive than small ones;

Type of packaging

If packing of the flowers in special boxes with water and protective preparations against decay is required, the price of chrysanthemum increases.

Mode of transportation

Air delivery of bulk products is significantly more expensive than shipping by road. However, the promptness of air delivery allows us to save on packaging and keep the flowers in the best condition.


The closer the distance from the point of purchase to the final unloading point, the lower the price of a flower.

Besides, we can offer a more favourable price for wholesale customers due to our bulk purchase at a lower price at auction.

It’s worth noting that we work directly with our clients and our wholesale price for the chrysanthemums doesn’t include the margins of intermediaries which is common for the companies of such type.


Why should you purchase wholesale chrysanthemum from “Astra Fund Holland BV”?

Impeccable market reputation Impeccable market reputation

We are one of the market leaders and have an excellent market reputation, which is confirmed by thousands of satisfied customers. By being with us, you can be sure of pricing visibility, compliance with delivery deadline and product quality.

Unique logistics system Unique logistics system

Delays in deliveries, problems at customs, damaged flowers in transportation are common issues that almost every buyer of such products encountered. We have our own unique logistics system, which allows us to deliver products to anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time.

Quality packaging Quality packaging

Many companies neglect the quality of the packaging which results in damage to the flowers during transportation. We select the optimal packaging for each cultivar of chrysanthemums, we take into account the climatic conditions of the country of delivery, the route and mode of transportation, and also we carry out pre-cooling of all cut flowers.


Konyukhov Arkady Vladimirovich
Konyukhov Arkady Vladimirovich

My company is doing floristic design of major events and has been working with Astra Fund Holland BV for 2 years now. I am very satisfied with the quality of products and prices. The company values its reputation and is focused on regular customers. Many times they helped to arrange urgent deliveries when the situation was critical. Promptness and timely delivery of flowers is of primary importance for us, we appreciate it that Astra Fund has never let us down.

Koroleva Eleanora Vitalievna
Koroleva Eleanora Vitalievna

Quality, price and compliance with contractual obligations are 3 key characteristics that I can give to Astra Fund. I have been purchasing flowers in this company for 3 months. Before that, within six months I had changed 4 suppliers. I think that the above said needs no any other comments.

Ostapchuk Grigory Vasilievich
Ostapchuk Grigory Vasilievich

I own a small network of flower shops and the constant availability of rare flowers is the basis of my business. This is, probably, the only company that can deliver really everything that is presented in catalogues at any time of the year. I have already ordered 43 varieties of rare single-headed chrysanthemums and everything is fine, while other companies cannot offer even 10% of the real flowers from the offered ones. Also, the company professionals understand packaging, 


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