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Wholesale eustoma Wholesale eustoma

Wholesale eustoma

You can purchase wholesale Dutch eustomas with our company on the best pricing terms with a guarantee of quality.

Astra Fund Holland BV is the leading supplier of flowers from Holland.

“Astra” company is one of the leading international flower suppliers and specialises on wholesale supplies of cut and potted flowers, as well as seedlings of a large number of different flowers. In our catalogues, there is a wide range of flowers, among which anyone can find their desired types of flowers. One of the aspects of our work which is in High in demandis supplying wholesale Dutch eustoma. We purchase eustoma at largest Dutch auctions, which can provide high quality products, regardless of the volumes. Moreover, we cooperate with private plantations which specialise in cultivating rare types of eustoma and other flowers. You can buy Dutch wholesale eustoma from our company on the best pricing terms with a guarantee of quality. We have long-term contracts with largest international shippers, well-functioning logistics systems and over 20 years of work experience in the flower market, all of which allows us to supply the best flowers to all corners of the world within the shortest possible time frames. Furthermore, all of our company’s flowers are shipped in branded packaging, which was designed by our experts for safe transportation of plants during long-distance shipment. We have dozens of types of packaging, each designed for particular types of flowers.  One the competitive advantages of our company is our impeccable reputation on the market, which is proved by reviews of thousands of customers, long-term contracts with largest flower retailers and stable, leading positions on the highly competitive flower market.

Types of eustoma supplies

Cut eustoma (cutting)
Cut eustoma (cutting)

You can find all types and sub-types of cut eustoma. All cut flowers are shipped in a protective packaging, which helps maintain stable temperature during transportation and a required moisture level. Our employees select suitable packaging for each type of eustoma individually, depending on a particular eustoma, type of shipment and duration of shipment.

Seedlings (sprigs) of eustoma
Seedlings (sprigs) of eustoma

We pay substantial attention to the quality of transportation of eustoma seedlings. All seedlings of flowers are put into special packaging, which helps to maintain stable microclimate at the stage of shipment. Our company-branded packaging keeps seedlings fresh and allows for seedlings to be planted straight after delivery, without adaptational period.

Potted eustoma
Potted eustoma

All potted eustomas are shipped in special wagons, which maintain stable microclimate and protect plant from mechanical damage during transportation. Moreover, we have our own system of package tightening in wagons, which allows to lower expenses on transportation without risking safety of flowers. This solution is especially suitable for shipping large lots of potted plants.

Catalogue of eustomas Holland


This eustoma, which is also widely famous under the name of “Irish rose”, belongs to Gentian family. This plant is quite large, it reaches up to 90 centimetres in height. ALISSA BLUE flower is relatively large with a bud reaching up to 8 centimetres in diameter, the petals of the flower are of a soft blue colouring with a multi-coloured hem on the rims. There can be up to 6 shoots with full buds on one branch. You can order Dutch EUS G ALISSA BLUE eustoma wholesale from our company from the best flower auctions at a competitive market price.

This type of eustoma belongs to the most beautiful decorative flowers. This flower grows up to 70-80 centimetres on average. In addition, this type of eustoma is often called lisianthus or Japanese rose. The bud is of a delicate pink tone and has bright petals, rolled-up at the sides. The average size of a double-flowered flower is around 4-6 centimetres. The stem is quite tough and arched, with dark-green glossy leaves. There may be up to 5-6 shoots with respective buds on a stem. You can order Dutch EUS G ALISSA PINK eustoma wholesale with official guarantee of quality in our specialised company.

A delicate flower of the Gentian family with small white double-flowered buds, which turn into creamy colour to the middle. This type belongs to middle-grown plants, the stem reaches 70-75 centimetres. Double-flowered buds are quite densely structured and the flower seldom exceeds 4-5 centimetres in diameter. “Astra” flower supplier has been working in the flower market for over 20 years and offers wholesale supplies of EUS G ALISSA WHITE eustoma from Holland to any country of the world.

This type of eustoma is a wonderful delicate flower, with red funnel-shaped buds, which slightly reminds of a young not fully opened rose. This eustoma has a strong stem, which is visually reminds of a stem of a carnation. There can be up to 30 flowers on a stem. The leaves of the flower are lanceolate, with a greyish tone, which highlights the whole flower arrangement. We offer wholesale EUS G AROSA RED eustoma from Holland, as well as a wide variety of other flowers, on best terms.

An interesting delicate type of double-coloured eustoma with full flowers. The height fo the flower reaches 70 centimetres, the branches have separate shoots, which are densely decorated with white flowers of double-flowered type with blue hem on the rims of the petals. This colour scheme makes the bud appear visually larger, more full and luxurious. A distinctive feature of this type is resistance in cutting and developing new buds after cutting. You can order Dutch EUS G EXCAL BLU PICO eustoma wholesale from the best flower auction from “Astra” flower supplier.

The features of type of eustoma are its abundant blooming and small delicate bud, which can reach 5 centimetres in diameter. The type is also distinctively resilient to transportation. The bud is of a creamy tone with pink, sometimes burgundy hem on the rims of the petals. The petals of this plant are quite thick and fleshy. The stem is classical arched with dark-green leaves. The height of the flower varies around 80-100 centimetres. "Astra Fund" flower supplier suggests you make an offer for EUS G EXCAL HOT LIPS eustoma wholesale from Holland.

This type of flower is of small height and is 20-40 centimetres one average. Alongside the small size, it is different from the other types because of its multi-flowered inflorescence. The bush of the flower is quite fleshy, with tough stems and abundance of buds. On one bush of this flower there can be up to 15 small flowers, each of those is up to 4 centimetres in diameter. We offer wholesale Dutch EUS G ROSI BLUE eustoma supplies, as well as supplies of other types of eustomas in any volume.

Despite its name, the bud of this eustoma is creamy coloured, with intense green tone. The flowers of the plant are quite small and rarely exceed 3-4 centimetres in diameter. The height of the flower varies from 80 to 100 centimetres, the stem has a large number of leaves. The shape of the leaves is unlike other types of this plant and has distinctive wavy structure. The colour of the leaves can be described as matte green. The feature of this type is its good resilience in cutting and ability to tolerate transportation. Our company has access to top flower plantations and offers wholesale EUS G ROSI GREEN eustoma from Holland at accessible prices.

A bright eustoma with large double-flowered buds of creamy colour. Double-flowered buds are 6-7 centimetres in diameter, which is almost an absolute record among eustomas. The stem is tough, with large dark-green glossy leaves. This type is very similar to a big white tea rose. It has an average resistance in cutting. You can choose best types of eustomas and order EUS G ROSI YELLOW eustomas wholesale from Holland to almost any country of the world.

Quite a tall eustoma, which, if cultivated in the right way, may reach over 1 meter in height. The leaves of the flower are glossy dark-green, with intense black tone to them, which makes the flower reserved and formal-looking. An interesting aspect of the flower is the type of the bud, which is originally of a creamy colour, with a greenish tone to it, which turns into intense white as the flower grows. When the flower is opening its petals acquire a bright-red tone. You can purchase wholesale EUS G ROSI RED eustoma from Holland, as well as other types of flowers and choose any type of shipment.

One of the most delicate eustomas, which distinctive feature is its relatively small size, the average bush is around 80 centimetres high. The stem of the plant is quite thin and fragile. The buds are soft white before the opening, after the opening they change their colour to light-pink. The petals are rolled-up to the bottom at the rims, which creates a complete harmonious composition of the flower. This is why this type of eustoma is so popular in the field of floristics. We offer Dutch EUS G ROSI ROSE PINK eustoma wholesale to the Former Soviet Republics and European countries at accessible market prices.

A classic delicate eustoma with medium-size white inflorescences, which are of a bluish tone. This colour scheme gives a contrast to the stem and makes the flower more attractive. The stem is not tall, the maximum height of the flower is 70 centimetres. The petals of eustoma are of glossy dark-green tone. A distinctive feature of this type is high longevity in cutting and tolerance to shipment. Our company offers the best EUS G ROSI WHITE eustoma wholesale from Holland, as well as supplies of other cut flowers.


Eustoma from Holland - Price

We are able to maintain the most accessible prices for wholesale flowers from Holland. The competitive pricing policy of “Astra” flower supplier is based on direct access to owners of private plantations, large volumes of purchasing, well-developed logistics, and other advantages which allow us to minimise financial expenses at different stages of the flower shipment. It needs to be highlighted that we have transparent pricing and always provide our client with a detailed cost sheet for flower supplies, where they can find information about the cost of services of packing, shipping, custom clearance of the goods, purchase value of the product and many other aspects. When ordering supplies of flowers, it is important to understand that the price for eustomas is not fixed and depends on multiple factors. Among the factors which influence the pricing of eustoma, are:

·      The type of the flower and its market price

·      The crop yield and demand for a particular type of flower at a given period of time;

·      Complexity of custom clearance

·      Type of transport used for shipment for flowers

·      Distance of shipment

The urgency of delivery and other specific aspects may also affect the price for eustomas.

Why you should purchase wholesale eustomas at our company?

Great professional reputation Great professional reputation

We’ve been supplying wholesale flowers from Holland for over 20 years and have a great market reputation both among our clients and direct competitors. Our company owes its impeccable reputation to European business standards and our focus on the client.

Transparent pricing policy Transparent pricing policy

We offer some of the best prices on the market of wholesale flower suppliers and provide open pricing. Our client can see which aspects make up the price of the service and the reason behind the price. We value our reputation, therefore transparent pricing policy is one the key characteristics of our company.

Modern packaging Modern packaging

Our experts pay special attention to the packaging of our products. We have developed our own branded packaging which is selected individually for every type of flower and it helps to keep the plants fresh, regardless of the duration of shipment, exterior temperature conditions and other characteristics.


Vladimir Schulz
Vladimir Schulz

I’m very happy to be working with Astra! Last year we made our first order for wholesale lavender eustomas for our daughter’s hen party, she wanted these particular flowers of this specific colour. The party went really well, by the way. Fresh flower decorations played an important role. Eustomas arrived well packed, absolutely undamaged during transportation from Holland, which was pleasantly surprising. Most importantly, I was able to make my daughter happy. And just a few weeks before the mine and my wife’s wedding anniversary I turned to this flower supplier again. This time I ordered twice the amount of flowers without any fears (alongside eustomas, I picked lilies and alstroemerias). We decorated the whole restaurant, the porch and the photography zone. My wife was thrilled!

Thank you very much, I will be ordering more.

Anton Gorin
Anton Gorin

Hello. I am the owner of a small flower market, I sell seedlings.  When I got serious about my business I realised that the suppliers of this kind of product are really problematic in our country. I found Astra’s website online, looked through the reviews, I liked everything and decided to make an order for 3000 seedlings of eustoma. To be honest, I was quite nervous because the product wasn’t from a neighbouring city, it was coming from Holland. In the end, I got my seedlings safe and sound, looking impeccable and within the discussed time frame. I’m very grateful to “Astra” for making my business literally flourish    

Maxim Kondratiev
Maxim Kondratiev

My job is directly correlated with organising different kinds of festivities and events. At the end of May and beginning of June we have a large number of orders to organise proms for kindergartens and schools. Every year, people want to have fresh flowers for decorations. I made some calculations and figured that it would be much cheaper if I ordered flowers wholesale for all events together. I reached out to “Astra” supplier, cleared up some details about the duration of shipment and the conditions for maintaining flowers looking presentable, shortly made an order in a few days my 5 thousand eustomas arrived. We already had two proms and there two more to go. By the way, the eustomas are very fresh and beautiful, just like on the first day of delivery. I highly recommend “Astra” as a reliable supplier    


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