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Dracaena photo


Dracaena is a decorative foliage plant, belongs to the Asparagus family. Sometimes called “Antenna” because of the belief that the flower attracts and absorbs positive energy. In nature, you can find more than 100 different varieties, and the natural habitats for this plant are Africa and South Asia. Do not confuse it with yucca and cordilina, because Dracaena, in contrast to them, is endemic, which means it grows in a certain area only.

So what makes this plant so unique? And the fact that it looks very much like a palm tree, therefore, it is suitable for both home and office. This versatility is loved by flower growers. It grows in the form of shrubs and halfshrubs, also happens to be tree-like. Most of them prefer well-lit places, but those with dark green leaves are not very whimsical.

 Indoor dracaena has a fairly bare trunk, in the upper part of which there is a fairly lush top of large leaves. The leaf itself is long, but narrow, has a certain pointedness at the end. The roots are dark yellow, as well as smooth and straight. You need to be careful about the choice of flower, since among many species there are both huge and very small sizes.

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