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Agapanthus photo

Agapanthus also named African lily or the lily of the Nile is an evergreen perpetual herbaceous plant from Alliaceae family, found in Africa and it is the most common type. It is a scenery plant typically yields in warm-winter regions. It blossoms best in a place where it receives full sun-light and moist from the weather, and planted in well-drained top soil. This plant grows easily and yields colorful balls of blue, purple or white flowers particularly in summer and fall season.  It has thick, eye-catching, dark green leaves found in sword form. There are several variety of this plant found with purple or white flowers with decorative leaves. Its perennial strappy leaves enhance surface of beds, edges, and vessels. If you are in a cold region then keep them into containers and transfer them indoors as they can never endure a cold weather. When the danger of frost or cold weather has gone away then transfers the containers outside.
Their type is perennial and height is 1 to 3 feet and 3 feet wide. Different varieties of Agapanthus include;  'Headbourne Hybrids' agapanthus, 'Peter Pan' agapanthus, 'Snow Storm' agapanthus, White agapanthus and Agapanthus africanus. Potted agapanthus is supposed to blossom best when somewhat root-bound.