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Muscari photo

Muscari is a genus of bulbous plants native to Eurasia. The common name for Muscari is grape hyacinth, a name that’s also used for the related genera Pseudomuscari and Leopoldia, which were previously included in Muscari. Other popularly used names are bluebell and baby's breath although they are also used for other plants, specifically Hyacinthoides and Gypsophila respectively.

Generally pale blue and dark blue in color, but can also be yellow or even white depending on its varieties; there are also almost black ones in some cases. The blue look great in grass, throwing up lovely flower spikes between the months of April and May, and since they spread so easily, they also make dense displays quickly with lots of flowers.

Some species are among the first to blossom in spring. They are planted as bulbs and tend to reproduce quickly when planted in suited soils.

Bulb flowers are well-known to be the best and easiest way to grow a plant. Popular flowers such as Muscari, daisies, and others are all grown out of bulbs in Holland. Plants grown from bulbs are terrific for adding needed color to spring borders. Wholesale flower bulbs can be bought online from Astra Fund Holland BV.