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Dear customers and those who would like to become customers. Please pay attention to the FAQ. If you cannot find answers to your questions there, please contact us directly, we well help you.

1. How to become your client and purchase cut flowers and potted plants from your assortment?

Please contact us by phone or through the web-form under "Contact". Describe your wishes and we will do our best to fulfill them. Please note that we serve only wholesale customers.

2. Where can I see the prices for cut flowers and potted plants from your assortment?

Please go to our online-shop and use login: "guest" and password "guest".

3. What is the minimum quantity of cut flowers and potted plants available for purchase?

There is no minimum quantity. But, naturally, not less than a bunch. And a whole order not less than a box.

4. Can you also ship cut flowers and potted plants to me?

No, we do not ship ourselves. However, in most cases we can recommend a shipping company you can make all the necessary arrangements with.

5. How do you solve claims regarding quality of cut flowers and potted plants?

We are fully responsible for the quality of the delivered flowers and potted plants. Should any problems arise we always try to solve them in a partner-like manner aimed at long-term friendship.

6. What do I need to order cut flowers and potted plants from your assortment?


You need to become our customer by contacting us and exchanging the necessary information. After that you will have to make payment by any available method. After we receive your funds we will open client account for you and off you go. We also accept orders by email. Large customers can buy through us at the Auction directly. Any other options can be discussed.