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Hydrangea photo


Hydrangea is an unpretentious plant with exuberant flowers that easily survive the cold and lack of lighting. The Hydrangeaceae family includes from 50 to 100 different representatives and can be in the form of small trees, vines or shrubs. Under natural conditions, Hydrangea can be found in South and East Asia, as well as in Central America. The Latin name of the Hydrangea plant means "a vessel with water" and speaks of its hydrophilicity.

In nature, Hydrangea grows occupying a lot of space, can reach a height of three meters or climb in the form of lianas to other plants or rocks up to 30 meters high. When cultivated, Hydrangea usually reaches a height of 1.5 - 2 meters. Both deciduous and evergreen representatives of wood Hydrangeas are found, on which large leaves are located opposite, have an elliptical shape and a pointed tip. The veins are easily visible on the sheet plate, and on the periphery the leaf becomes gear-like.

The greatest value of Hydrangea is its flowers: on the stems in early spring appear voluminous panicles consisting of small petals. The buds are collected in large inflorescences and have a spherical shape. In different conditions, flowers can be white, cream, blue or pink colour. Interestingly, the color of the bud depends on the acidity of the soil. A feature of hydrangea is that one inflorescence can contain fertile and sterile flowers. Flowering ends with the arrival of the first frosts.

The popularity of the plant in the CIS is explained by cold resistance, Hydrangea can decorate your garden and not worry about how this magical plant will survive the change of seasons. In floral compositions, Hydrangea goes well with peonies, lilies and clematis.

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