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Hyacinthus photo

Most commonly known as Hyacinth, these flowers are planted in fall and borne in spring. They are often associated with spring and rebirth. They first originated in Mediterranean region and Africa. They are also grown as cut flowers in the Netherlands. These flowers are grown from bulbs and are also termed as bell-shaped flowers. They can grow in well-drained and moderately fertile soil. They need indirect sunlight and can be grown under partial shade which makes them easy to maintain. The flowers of a Hyacinth plant are widely spaced and typically grow to a height of as much as 15-20 cm. They can be used as all-occasion flowers and due to their look and variety of colors, they are excellent ornamental and decoration flowers. In addition to that, they also symbolize constancy. And according to Victorians language of flowers, the Hyacinths represent sports or play. The white blue Hyacinths represent sincerity. They are revered for their sweet and lingering fragrance.


Hyacinths are an excellent breed of flowers to have as they are useful for all purposes and are also easy to maintain and grow. That is what makes them high in demand at Astra Fund Holland BV. What more do you want other than buying these fresh cut flowers wholesale?