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Hemerocallis photo

If the Hemerocallis plant looks familiar it’s probably because it is also known as a daylily. The beautiful flowers that bloom from this plant have encouraged a multitude of different types to choose from. The Astra Fund Holland BV company is a leader in worldwide sales of wholesale plants and flowers and they carry 13 different varieties on their website. When you check out their catalog under outdoor plants you will find they have a wide variety of daylilies including Girl Scout, Wild Horses, White Temptation, Veins of Truth, Patricia Fay, Unchartered Waters, My Reggae Tiger and Sweet Sugar Candy, to name a few.


When you are ready to buy wholesale Hemerocallis you should make your way over to the Astra website. The flowers are available in white, yellow and pink and resemble crepe paper with their delicate makeup. Astra Fund Holland BV has been a leader in selling flowers wholesale from Holland. They get their plants and flowers from local growers as well as from South America and the Netherlands. The company specializes in fresh flowers, indoor potted plants and outdoor plants. They also sell seeds and bulbs. You do not have to worry about making a minimum order to qualify for their great rates.