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Guzmania photo

Guzmania is a genus of species of plants in the Bromeliaceae family and Tillandsioideae subfamily. Guzmania was named after a Spanish naturalist, Anastatsio Guzman who traveled extensively throughout South America and died in Ecuador in 1807. They have mainly long, narrow, shiny green leaves that stem from a deep cup and cause no harm to their host plant but only use them for support. Guzmania are native to the West Indies, Florida, Central America, Southern Mexico, Central America, and South America. The plants are fairly taller than many other bromeliads.

Their colorful flower bracts bloom in summer in a wonderful array of colors of red, orange, deep purple and yellow, depending on its species. This tropical plant is known as an epiphytic plant. The plant receives nourishment from leaves droppings from birds and monkeys, and decomposing leaves. The leaves accumulate rainwater in the natural environment.


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