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Eremurus photo

Eremurusis a botanical name of the plant called desert candles and foxtail lilies which can be bought from «Astra Fund Holland BV» a Dutch company engaged in the wholesale of plants. This is a tall plant, has flower spikes alike animal’s tail. “Eremurus” Buy Wholesale prefers the kind of environments which is sunny and dry. This is an exceptional plant for moderate summer weather gardens. This plant grows 6 ft. to 10 ft. in height and has slow growth pace. The bloom time of this flower is summer or early summer. This plant type is perennials. This plant grows well in fertile, covered in dust soil filled with sunlight. This plant requires protection from strong winds and needed to be watered moderately. Plant pinnacles are 4 to 6 inches deep and cautiouslyrangeits roots above a bank of soil. This plant needs covering when it is young and growing. This plant flowers for three weeks and so and gives pale pink flowers. This plant is native to Central Asia and Afghanistan. Eremurus chooses to endure untouched and for that reason, this plant is not a good candidate for containers. We endorse implanting them in beds and edges instead of in containers.