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Astrantia photo

The astrantia, is one of the most adorable plants out of the so called “cottage garden’s plant”. Like many of its fellows it is difficult to trace the lineage back to the cottage garden and of course that is not where it may be found most. In fact, you can find it in the small gardens of sophisticated people who transformed their home’s backyards into the courtyards.

Besides being a plant to slobber over, the astrantia is one of that plants which flourish in drab areas dwarfed by houses where the ground is for good ran out by the roots of self-seeded lace woods. “Astrantia is the flower”, buy wholesale from Holland that can easily translocate to shadowed courtyard from its native land.

As with the false hellebore, astrantia has its origins in an inhabitant of the Balkan Peninsula brushes and alpestrine hayfields. There, astrantia bears a competition from the twisted roots of the bush and other rough-cut flora, often hidden from direct sunshine.

“Astrantia” buy wholesale, they are the belonging of Umbelliferae plants family, proposing a daughterly relationship with the wild cow petroselinum crispum and with wild carrot. In the similar way, the tiny flowers are arranged on the heads of the disc-shaped flowers. Each flower seems to be a slight more than a tussock of male reproductive organ of a flower. The basal of each tussock there is a stiffened frill, oriented bracteates generally green tipped with white (and sometimes with pink)


Astrantia flower’s head is a posy itself, made up of 20 to 30 bracteates tussocks and the measurement of it is 3 – 4 inches all over. It looks lovely in a vase and also with the foundation of Hedera helix. Dutch company «Astra Fund Holland BV» engaged in the wholesale of plants, you can get the flowers, and plants from them of your choice.