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Achillea photo

The flowering plant Achillea gets its name from the mythological Greek character Achilles. In the story of The Iliad it states that his soldiers used yarrow (another name for Achillea) to treat their wounds during and after battle. This is why yarrow/Achillea is often referred to by the names blood-wort and all-heal. The Achillea is part of the Asteraceae plant genus and most commonly found in North America, parts of Asia where there's mild temperatures and Europe. Although the name yarrow generally refers to the Achillea Millefolium, it can also be used as the name of other species within the Achillea genus. Along with the Achillea Millefolium, the Achillea Filipendulina and Achillea Ptarmica are the most popular and common garden species of the plant. The leaves of the Achillea are aromatic, hairy and very frilly; while the flowers are small and appear in large clusters at the top of the plant's stem. There is a wide variety of Achillea available with red, pink, orange, yellow and white flowers and as well as being visited by many different insects for pollination; Achillea is also a staple food of some species of butterflies and moths at the larvae stage. If you are looking to buy these flowers wholesale from Holland you can do so from Astra Fund.