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Veronica photo

This type of flowers is part of the biggest family of flowering plants called the Plantaginaceae. There are more than 500 different types of these perennials. Astra Fund Holland BV carries an impressive 45 different flowers in this category. The array of colors you will find here includes white, lilac, pink, purple, and blue. Hundreds of tiny flowers grow on each stem creating a cylinder shape that tapers off towards the top. Some of the types that are available at Astra Fund Holland BV include: Pink Spark, Ares Alexia, Anna, and Blauriesin. They make great ground cover but as cut flowers they bring their unique shape and vivid color to many unique arrangements.

If you would like to buy wholesale Veronica cut flowers you will have your choice when you visit the website of Astra Fund Holland BV. Besides fresh cut flowers this company offers potted plants, outdoor plants, and a variety of bulbs that can be found in the Other Catalogues section. For over 20 years this company has brought the best plants and flowers from the Netherlands and South America to its clientele. They offer competitive prices and exemplary customer service. If you would like to try them out check out their website – they don’t have a minimum order so why not try them out?