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Trifolium photo

There are more than 300 different types of the Trifoliuium plant and as part of the Clover family you are probably more familiar with the three leaf and four leaf clovers. There are two flowering plants in this family and Astra Fund Holland BV offers the Trifolium Ochroleucum and the Trifolium Purpureum. Each stem on these plants produces dozens of blooms making it great as a ground cover outdoors. You can see exactly what these plants look like at the catalogue on the website of Astra Fund Holland BV. This is where you can buy wholesale Trifolium when you are ready. This company doesn’t require any minimum order so you can try a few different varieties of plants or flowers to see what you think your clients will like.


When you order from Astra Fund Holland BV you will be able to purchase from some of the highest quality plants from the Netherland and South America. For more than 20 years they have been the place to buy flowers from Holland wholesale. You will find they care about the needs of their clients and offer reasonable rates which keeps them coming back for more. Check out their site and you may start out as a guest but you will leave as a customer.