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Rhipsalis photo


An amazing succulent perennial, the plant Rhipsalis, popularly known as Spanish broom belongs to the Cactus family. However, this is an atypical representative of this species, because Rhipsalis is presented in the form of shrubs and does not have thorns. Under natural conditions, grows in tropical rainforests located in Africa, Latin America and South Asia.

By its nature, Rhipsalis is an epiphytic plant, that is, it prefers to take root on other plants, but does not absorb nutrients from them. This cactus protects its roots from heavy tropical rains, located on wet rocks or tree trunks.

Rhipsalis is a variety of thin shoots that form a circle and hang from a pot. Bright green and elongated branches are divided into segments of a cylindrical, flattened or ribbed shape. The length of the shoot, as a rule, can reach a meter, but rarely is thicker than 4 mm.

Rhipsalis surprises with beautiful flowering traditionally falling in the last weeks of winter or the beginning of spring. With good care, the cactus will delight the environment with its exotic flowering several times a year. Rhipsalisa flowers are bell-shaped and located on the areoles of elongated shoots. There are blooms of pink, white and yellow. When flowering is pollinated, tiny round berries that look like gooseberries grow in place of the areoles.

When planted indoors, Rhipsalis quickly adapts and builds up a large green volume. In less than five years, if properly cared for, Rhipsalis turns into a large and very beautiful plant.


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