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Mandevilla photo

Mandevilla is a genus of flowering vines belonging to the family Apocynaceae. It was first classified as a genus in 1840. They are native to Mexico, the Southwestern United States, Central America, South America and the West Indies. The genus was named after Henry Mandeville, a British gardener and diplomat, who died in 1861.

Another common name for Mandevilla is rocktrumpet. This tropical and subtropical vine bears a non-ending supply of large, trumpet-shaped flowers in shades of white, red, and pink.  It's also great in landscape beds -- and is often used to climb over trellises, arbors and mailbox posts. A significant part of Mandevilla care is the amount of light they get. These plants need partial shade. They can tolerate bright, filtered sunlight or indirect light, but can get burned in full, direct sunlight. To get the best Mandevilla blooms throughout summer, give your plant high phosphorus, water soluble fertilizer fortnightly. This will make the Mandevilla vine bloom wonderfully.


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