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Liriope photo

The Liriope plant resembles a spider plant at first glance. The spiky leaves that resemble grass make this plant a popular choice for landscapers and anyone who is looking for that special touch when filling in an area in their outdoor décor. The Liriope plants produce purplish flowers during the summer months and can be planted in a pot, directly in the soil, or used as a hanging plant. The Astra Fund Holland BV company has three different types of Liriope plants: Muscari Monroe White, Isabella, and Super Bleu. Check out their website when you are ready to buy Liriope wholesale.


Astra Fund Holland BV has been around for more than 20 years. They pride themselves in providing an array of high quality plants and flowers for their customers around the world. They carry fresh flowers, indoor plants and outdoor potted plants. They also have seeds and bulbs available for sale. Their inventory is made up of products from South America, the Netherlands and from local growers. If you regularly buy flowers wholesale, you should check out the company’s website at It is easy to try out their services, simply sign in as a guest, go through the catalogues, and place your order.