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Leycesteria photo

Leycesteria Formosa is called Himalayan honeysuckle-- a shrub that grows to 8 feet (2.5 m) at a medium rate. The soft fruit is edible when ripe and the taste of it is sweet. In other forms, it can be bitter and undesirable. The shrub blooms flowers from June to September. The oval shaped flowers are red and white, and they are fertilized by insects. They are hermaphrodite, which means they have both male and female organs. On the other hand, the seeds become ripe from October to November. The bloom time of the flowers is Late Summer and Early Fall. 

Leycesteria Formosa grows in moist soil in shady forests/woodland and scrubs. Also, it can live well in sandy, loamy, or clay soils and even grow in soil that is not nourished well. It belongs to a plant family called Caprifoliaceae and can be found in southwestern China and Himalayas. The stems of the shrub are used for making whistles and flutes. 


Since Leycesteria blooms in almost any types of soils, it is not hard to plant it in your yard, even if you live in Holland. If you are interested in growing Himalayan honeysuckle and making it as your business, contact Astra Fund Holland BV to know how to get flowers from Holland wholesale. You will also be given some tips on how to cultivate the shrubs well.