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Leucocoryne photo

Leucocoryne, commonly known as Glory of the sun, is a bulbous perennial with long, narrow, lush, garlic-scented foliage and funnel-shaped umbels. It’s a small genus of roughly 12 species in Alliaceae family that grows in winter. Leucocoryne has a beautiful fragrance and a striking appearance that when combined with their lifelong flowers, make them ideal to use as cut flowers.

The Star-shaped flowers are about 1" (2.4cm) across and 16" (38cm) long. Their tender, flowering bulbs are ideal for clusters in patio pots & containers, rocket gardens, or in small seasonal beds that can be transferred indoors during winter months so that they stay warm and dry. Their different colors come in a mix of purple, stripes, lilacs and bicolor atop the stems that are ideal for cutting.


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