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Kalanchoe photo


Kalanchoe is a perennial succulent, belongs to the Crassulaceae family, and has more than 200 species. Natural habitat is Asia, Africa and Australia. It is met in the form of a herbaceous plant and a shrub. The peculiarity of the flower is in its medicinal properties, its juice is used in obstetric, surgical and dental treatments. And also is used in cosmetics, as a rejuvenating agent.

These plants tolerate drought conditions. The flowering period falls in the winter, then an umbrella is formed in which there may be flowers of yellow, purple or red hue. This period is long, the first buds appear at the end of winter, and the last at the beginning of spring. This family is propagated mainly in a flowering state.

The plant grows up to 45 cm high. Kalanchoe has a straight stem with rather fleshy leaves. Their colour is dark green, which can be slightly or strongly dissected. Small kidneys form at the edges. Brood buds have roots, therefore, as soon as they fall, they are rooted.

The advantage of the flower is that it is not whimsical to look after. It tolerates both the bright sun and its deficit. It is undemanding to temperature conditions, and thanks to juicy and fleshy leaves it will not die if you forget to water it. A unique flower that is considered a real medicine on the windowsill.

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