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Ilex photo


Holly or IIex is a shrub and belongs to the Holly family. Translated from Latin means ‘Stone Oak.’ In the legends people frightened evil spirits with its branches and hung them over the front door. It was also used by the Celts, Slavs and Scandinavians, for example, making Christmas wreaths and garlands. This is partly why this plant is so popular with garden enthusiasts.

The genus has over 400 species that are common in tropical and temperate forests. It rapidly gained popularity for leaves with a tough, shiny skin and also for attractive, small berries. Their peculiarity is that they ripen in the autumn and stay in red, orange, yellow and white shades almost all winter.

 The holly can be a shrub up to half a meter or a small tree up to 15 meters tall. It has a light gray bark and a thick dark green crown. Jagged leaflets, where each tooth is pulled into a neat sharp corner. Spikes are located along the edges of the sheet plates. It blooms in summer, rather unnoticeable, and its bright fruits appear in November-December.

Varieties are divided into female and male ones, which differ in shades of leaves and the presence of berries. They are considered drought-resistant and frost-resistant, they are not picky about the composition of the soil, they normally develop under different lighting conditions. Unpretentious, and partly why these plants are so appreciated by connoisseurs of horticultural culture.

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