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Fatsia photo

Fatsia, which is also known as “Fatsia Japonica” buy wholesale from a Dutch company, named «Astra Fund Holland BV» that is engaged in the wholesale of world’s best plants. This plant has origin as it name suggests from Japan, it is a very famous plant in the Southeast because of its flexible and stifling look together with cold forbearance. It develops all the way through South Carolina with the exemption of areas in the highlands that sometimes fall to under 10 °F. This plant can grow usually 6 to 10 feet in height. However, few old plants can reach to ideal 15 ft. in height. This plant grows at moderate to fast speed, 8 to 12 inches in a year depends on its growth. This plant growth can be slower in full sun and dry soil, and quicker in shade with rich, wet soil. This plant is actually grown because of it evergreen leaves which are large and in dark green color with shiny texture. Fatsia produces white flowers in the month of October till November, which last for several weeks. Mature fatsia are tough to transfer so consider trimming to create the plant appropriate in its site, or replace with a healthier altered plant.