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Eupatorium photo

The perennial plant Evpatorium belongs to the Asteraceae family, it has many names, such as ‘gentian’ and ‘chiropractor’. But, according to legend, this flower was used by the Pontic king Matrid Eupator as an antidote and was named after him. Its homeland is North America, as well as the tropics of Africa and Asia. More than five hundred different species grow on these lands.

It is interesting in because it is not afraid of drought and can adapt to almost any soil. Almost invulnerable to various small pests and flower diseases. We can say that by buying Evpatorium, you get a plant with “immunity”. Its only requirement is well-moistened soil.

Evpatorium grows up to 2 m high, has large leaves and inflorescences in the form of a shield, not larger than 20 cm in size. Mostly they are purple or white. After flowering, they become a white-silver hue, without losing their attractiveness. Usually they are planted in the rear part of the garden, since the plant is quite tall.

It grows almost year-round since early spring, and its flowers are great for arranging bouquets, because cut flowers retain their life in water for a long time.

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