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Echinocactus photo

These colorful plants are easy-to-grow cactus. They come plain or you can pick them up in a variety of colors. These fun plants are very low maintenance and make the perfect addition to a tropically designed landscape. They are great accent pieces and can withstand most any locations you place them in. The Astra Fund Holland BV company carries three different varieties of Echino: Grusonii, Grusonii Rainbow, Grusonii Red. The regular Echino plants are round spiky cactus but if you want to brighten up your yard you can add them in pink, yellow, orange or red. If you would like to buy Echino wholesale you should check out the Astra Fund Holland website.


For more than 20 years this company has built up its worldwide client base by delivering excellent customer service and competitive prices. They build up their own inventory from plants and flowers from the Netherlands, South America and local growers. The company sells fresh flowers, seeds and bulbs, potted plants, and outdoor plants. This company is a leader in fresh flowers from Holland wholesale. There is no minimum order required here so you can purchase as much or as little as you would like. Sign in as a guest and start shopping,