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Dischidia photo

Dischidia is a genus that belongs to the milkweed family, Apocynaceae and closely related to plants in the Hoya genus, which is another popular plant group that’s well-liked for their fragrant, showy and often waxy flowers. Dischidias are not common, but easy-to-grow plants. Most types trail, making them great choices for hanging baskets. The vast majority of Dischidia have leaves that may be fleshy or puffy and great for holding water during dry season. Smaller diversities are lovely houseplants for terrariums, or even Christmas decorations and wreaths.

Dischidia are generally grown for their foliage and fascinating growth habit. Most of these plants have small flowers that only someone very keen can spot. When injured, Dischidia exude a milky sap and those with sensitive skin must avoid touching it. Some Dischidia species grow in intervallic spurts, while others are fast growers. Dischidia is also an epiphyte. These are plants that grow on supports for instance on branches or tree trunks.


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