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Cyperus photo

The Cyperus plant name is perhaps often related to the Ancient Egyptian plant known as Papyrus. Nevertheless almost in every continent of the world, Cyperus are found whether they are tropical or temperature regions. These plants are ordinarily aquatic and most felicitous in moving slow or still waters no more than a half meter deep.

The Cyperus comes in an enormous diversity of pretences. Many of the Cyperus plants are taller, ‘umbrella-plant’ assortments while there are others, which are preferably hairy and short. These plants can vary a great deal in the sizes, from the species which are 5cm high to those which grows up to 5 meters in height. Umbrella-sedges, galingales, the aforementioned papyrus and flat-sedges are the most common species.

The stems of these plants can also vary as some of them are circular and some of them are triangular in shape, nevertheless there are some stems that are entirely leafless. However, the base of the plant will typically be adorned with the trim, grass-like leaves which can also appear to the acme of the flowered stems. The flowers themselves are typically found in bunches among the leaves and are usually greenish.

Although Cyperus can be found in all continents, they are particularly native to the muddy riversides of the Mediterranean. Throughout Southeast Asia, there also appear several species. Buy “Cyperus” wholesale, they often form into ‘lawns’, but most preferably at wet areas and often be the ascendant species of the lakes and streams.

There are about 600 assortments existing but less than half a dozen are suitable as the houseplants. Cyperus Helferi assortments are the most suitable plants for the aquarium. Cyperus are generally a huge genus and can be categorized within the Cyperaceae family.


For Cyperus, the essential is that they are kept wet and moist. When sub aquatic, not only many can survive but most actually flourish in the peat bog areas. They need good light for growing properly; they tend to prefer bright sunny places. Nutrient-rich substances should be given to them and watered with clean water, preferably with enriched carbon dioxide. If you are ready to buy “Cyperus” wholesale from Holland then check out the Dutch company named «Astra Fund Holland BV». The company deals with the wholesale of plants and flowers.