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Cupresus photo

Cypress is the name given to plants in the Cupressaceae family. Nearly all cypress species are trees, while there are a few that are shrubs. Cypress was named after an Old French cipres, which was derived from Latin word, cypressus.

The Cypress is well-known for its incessant growth rate even in unfavorable climatic conditions and poor soils. Cypress easily grows 3-4 feet per year and can ultimately reach a height of up to 50 feet. The trees form a dense, pyramidal or oval outline when left unpruned, but the lovely, somewhat pendulous branches can tolerate severe trimming to form a formal hedge, windbreak or screen. The trees outgrow their space quickly in small regions and they are too big for most residential regions unless often trimmed. Oddly, shallow roots of the species can cause wet soil to bring down large trees.

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