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Cotinus photo

Cotinus are generally known as the smoke bushes which are rounded shaped shrubs or are small trees once they grouped with the sumachs (Rhus). They are popular as specimen plants for their summer interest and autumn color.

In Cotinus, there are green and purple-leafed types covered in summer with a smoky haze of soft open flower plumes and pinkish purple in the ‘Grace’ assortment. Cotinus are the green-leafed variety with an eye-catching presentation of flowers; you can buy “Cotinus” wholesale from Holland.

From the flower market “Cotinus” buy wholesale, these are sold as cut foliage and are becoming popular increasingly for its usage during the wedding seasons. Out of this wholesale market of flowers one of the Dutch companies named as «Astra Fund Holland BV» is engaged in the wholesale of plants and flowers you can buy Cotinus from them. The length of Cotinus stems vary between 60-70 cm and are available in the 10 stems wraps.

Cotinus are followed in September and October by seditious alteration of leaf color to progressively vivid orange-red. Cotinus belongs to the family of Anacardiaceous and its cultivar is Grace.


Cotinus should never be left under direct sun light, near a heater, in a draft or near the fruit (most flowers can get harm when the gas used to ripen the fruit). Cotinus should be kept in a cool place and out of the way of children. The cuttings of Cotinus take place during the months of June and July.