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Cornus photo

The common name for Cornus is “flowering dogwood” and this is the type of a tree. Cornus belong to the family of Cornaceae.  The height of Cronus is about 15 to 30 feet and it spreads out 15 – 30 feet. Cornus are easily grown in the average, medium moisture and well-drained soils under full sun to part shade.

“Cornus is the flower” buy wholesale from Holland, you can order the flowers to purchase from the Dutch company «Astra Fund Holland BV» engaged in the wholesale of plants. For growing these flowers, it is preferable to utilize the moist, organically rich, and acidic soils in the shade part. Cornus flowers are low- branched, generically-pyramidal but slightly flattened upper surface habit.

“Cornus” buy wholesale are native from Maine to Southern Ontario towards Illinois to Sunflower State south to Florida, Mexico and Texas. The Cornus flowers blooms in the early spring (basically in April) and shortly after, usually overlaps.


Cornus flowers are tiny Paris green and undistinguished, being compressed into beadlike bunches. The name of the Cornus comes from the Latin word cornu which means hard and bony in the reference to the tree’s hard wood.  The specific name comes from the Latin word flos means flower with reference to its appealing spring flowers.