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Sow thistle

Sow thistle is a medicinal herb of the Asteraceae family. It grows on all continents, except for permafrost regions. It can be found mainly in gardens. It has a lot of useful properties that made it popular in folk medicine.

It belongs to one-flower plants and can be both annual and perennial. About 100 different species belong to this genus. The features of the flower are in its beneficial components, such as ascorbic acid, lactic acid, fatty oils, choline and inulin. Thanks to these qualities, it is part of many medicinal products and has become mandatory in a people's medicine cabinet.

Sow thistle flowers are small and consist of many soft and thin petals. In the inflorescence there can be about 5-8 baskets. The flower has many seeds, their number can reach up to 7000. The leaves are dark green in colour, however, there are no any at the top of the stem. The lower ones form the petiole, so the plant looks like a bunch.

What else is attractive in this unusual flower for gardeners? In addition to absolute unpretentiousness and ease of cultivation, it can be used in soups, as well as vitamin salads. It also has antiparasitic properties.

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