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Cat grass

 Cat grass photo

 Cat grass

This plant acquired its name due to its special effect on cats. Catnip or “cat mint”, as it is commonly called, is composed of oil essences by 3%, which in turn provides the plant with a rich lemon flavour. It is this smell that attracts feline representatives.

Cat grass is a perennial herb, the species belongs to the genus Nepeta, the family is Lamiaceae. Both are common in Europe and eastern countries, the use of this plant as spices is common.

Essence that evaporate a strong lemon smell is used in the confectionery industry, in the perfumery industry, as well as in soap making.

With regard to external characteristics, grass stems are capable of reaching 40-100 cm in height, are strong, erect and fluffy.

Thick complex semi-umbrellas form flowers; they are mostly off-white in color with a splash of purple or violet. The flowering period is in the summer.

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