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Buxus photo

“Buxus is the name of a plant” buy wholesale from the Dutch company «Astra Fund Holland BV» engaged in the wholesale of plants. It is a calciphile plant. It is evergreen, dense flowering shrubs planted in well-designed and approved scenery sites. This plant needs the soil that is rich in calcium and will help “Buxus” Buy Wholesale grow stronger. There are many kinds of this plant exists. Buxus are grown specifically for their leaves as their flowers are negligible. This plant requires full sun light for the best growth. Planting time of Buxus is different and depends on its type; plain roots plants needed to be planted in October till the end of April. Root balls plants needed to be planted in October till the end of May and plants which can be grown into pots can be planted whole year. Buxus needs special care in extremely hot weather/summer; it needs to be put in shade in afternoon and requires consistent watering. Buxus is a valuable plant and it is very expensive. One must take time to pick a place and plant it cautiously. Buxus needs a lot of nutrients to stay green and requires healthy amount of fertilizer to grow quickly.