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Bacopa photo

Bacopa is a group of aquatic plants that belongs to the Plantaginaceae family. Bacopa genus has its origin in subtropical countries of the world, specially the Americas. The flowers can have a range of colors like bluish tinge, white or purple tinges. The leaves are oblong shaped with green tinges. If you have an aquarium of a good size, you can put these in them as they give a good scenic texture. Bacopa monnieri is a species that has significant health benefits in the field of "Ayurvedic medicine" which is of great importance in countries like India.

Bacopa monnieri is traditionally known to have a cure for epilepsy and asthma. These plants grow in marshy areas of Asian subcontinents, also found in the Americas. These are a very good choice of plants to be kept in an aquatic environment that gives a good blend of textures in addition to health benefits.

Bacopa caroliniana is another lovely species of the bacopa genus. These perennial plants have blue colored flowers and thick green leaves. The leaves give an amazingly refreshing and soothing lemon fragrance when crushed. Popularly it’s also known as the "Giant Red Bacopa" or "Lemon Bacopa" owing to its reddish leaves and fresh lemon fragrance.


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