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Aspidistra photo


Aspidistra is a shade-loving ornamental plant. The Latin name is ‘Aspidistra elatior’, belongs to the Asparagus family, has only 8 species. The natural habitat is Japan, China and Taiwan, from where the flower spread around the world about a century ago. In Asia, it was given the special name "snake pointer", as reptiles very often settle in it. When they creep alongside, the characteristic rustling of leaves spreads, which among the locals is associated with a poisonous predator.

As room culture, only Aspidistra high is grown. However, it is divided into different varieties: Variegata, Blume, Milky Way, Amanogawa and others.

The flower does not have a stem; according to the external description, the plant is dense and short. From the rhizome, which is underground, dark green, glossy leaves immediately grow. The flowering period falls in the summer and lasts only one day. The flower is not very attractive, a fruit with one seed inside is born in it.

Aspidistra is very popular with lovers of flora from different countries. This is not surprising, because it is absolutely undemanding in care and does not need special conditions. Ideal for decorating northern rooms with a lack of lighting, for example for landscaping offices.

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