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Ageratum photo

Also known as white weed in the US, the Ageratum is a genus that includes around 40 to 60 warm temperature and tropical flowering perennial and annual plants from the Asteraceae family. While the majority of Ageratum species originate from Mexico and other Central American countries; there are four varieties that are originate from the US. Ageratum grow and form on small hills or tussocks and can reach a height of 30 inches; though most species, such as Ageratum Hawaii, only grow between 6 to 8 inches in height. The leaves form in small and densely packed clusters, with serrated or toothed margins and opposite leaves that are either tomentose, or hairy, oval or cordate. The plant is known to have blooms of small fluffy flowers in either white, lilac, pink or a lavender-blue colours and produces tiny, dry fruits. The blue coloured varieties of Ageratum are by far the most popular. Most species, especially the Ageratum Houstonianum are grown exclusively for their flowers and due to their size and colouring are suitable for planting in containers, bedding and rock gardens. You can buy these flowers from Holland wholesale website Astra Fund in a range of different colours and varieties.